How to Optimize Instagram and Facebook Ads With Meta Advantage

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Want better results from your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns? Are you leveraging the latest Meta Advantage tools?

What Is Meta Advantage?

In March 2022, Meta announced its Advantage advertising suite, positioning it as a tool for addressing both the rising costs of paid social and the growing challenges of navigating privacy changes.

Meta Advantage includes a number of features that are intended to simplify campaign creation and automate ad delivery.

There are two types of features in the suite. Advantage options automate a single process (such as bidding), whereas Advantage+ tools optimize an entire workflow (like a full campaign).

Many of these tools will look familiar to experienced Ads Manager users because they are rebranded updates of preexisting Meta features.

Advertisers can now access advantage campaigns and tools beginning in August 2022. 

Open Ads Manager, create a new campaign, and look for the star icons that represent Advantage options. Advantage tools are available throughout the platform at the campaign, ad set, and ad level. 

Certain tools (such as Advantage Audience and Advantage Creative) are also available in the ad creation workflow on your Facebook page.

Hop in the main piece to get an in depth look at each Meta Advantage feature.

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7 Simple Tips For Creating Instagram Story Ads That Convert

Image Source: Huel Instagram Ad

Boom! Let’s go!

Don’t Make It Look Like an Ad

People use Instagram to see posts from their friends and brands they follow, not to see ads. People will simply swipe away from visuals that clearly appear to be ads. 

Make your ad appear to be an organic post to prevent people from skipping it. 

This Huel ad is a good example.

But Still, Get It To Stand Out

It is crucial to create visuals that look less like ads, but it is also important for you to stand out. Creating ads for Instagram is like creating any other type of content. People will cherry-pick and check out the best content. So, think about various angles you can use to grab your audience’s attention. 

A simple way to do this is by using black-and-white videos or images. It’s because most people create visuals in color and those with a black-and-white palette are rare. 

Again, this will mainly depend on what your competition is using. So, before you create your ad, visit your feed and Instagram pages of competitors to see what types of content they create for their organic posts and ads. You can also use Instagram analytics tools to see which of your competitors’ posts generated the most engagement. Then brainstorm ways to stand out. 

Want the rest of these awesome tips?

👉👉👉  Jump In – There’s Tons of Good Stuff

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