7 Short-Form Video Trends to Up Your Marketing Game

(Image source: Instagram)

Real customers create UGC, which is then shared on various social media platforms. It demonstrates an individual’s genuine love for a brand, implying that any claims about the product are generally credible.

People trust user-generated content more than any other type of marketing content because of this.

80% of people say they are more likely to buy from a website that includes photos and videos of real customers. 79% of people say UGC influences their purchasing decisions.

1. Increasing Use of User-Generated Content

Maybelline and Elf Cosmetics regularly feature user-generated videos on their Instagram feeds.

2. More and More Brands Creating Product Teasers

Planning to release a new product? If you are, use human curiosity to your advantage by creating a product teaser video.

Avoid disclosing too much information. This will pique your audience’s interest and generate excitement.

Here are two examples of product teaser videos: one by Apple and one by Siemens.

Image Source: YouTube

3. Rise of Sponsored Influencer Videos

Having influencers create videos about your products is a fantastic strategy you must include in your sales process.

You can ask them to create product tutorials, host live video shopping events, share video reviews of your products, and more.

Here’s an example of popular YouTuber Hallee Smith doing a short sponsored video for Target.

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MrBeast’s raising money to go beast mode

The YouTube star known for his spectacle-filled segments is reportedly raising money to expand deeper into food and merchandise.

MrBeast’s brand is raising $150m at a ~$1.5B valuation, per Axios. Previously, Forbes estimated that MrBeast makes $54m a year.

Aside from ad dollars brought in from massive followings across content platforms, MrBeast has launched lucrative consumer brands, including:

  • MrBeast Burger, which now delivers to 1k+ areas in the US, Canada, and the UK. It recently launched its first physical location in New Jersey — which was mayhem.
  • Feastables, a snack brand that launched in January. It’s on track to bring in “tens of millions” this year.

Other YouTube stars are following suit, like David Dobrik, whose Doughbrik’s Pizza chain is set to open in November. Notably, they will have circular boxes.

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