Google Updates Display & Video 360 Account Level Suspension Policies


(Image source: SearchEngineJournal)

Throughout the year, Google has made numerous updates and clarifications to its disapproval policies.

These updates have mostly revolved around providing more context to advertisers on the nature of ad disapprovals.

Earlier this year, Google updated its ad destination policy, unavailable video policy, and 3-strike rule.

To round out the year, Google is updating its account-level suspensions for Display and Video 360 users in December 2022.

What’s Changing?

Google is updating the main Disapprovals and Suspensions page to have a page dedicated to Display and Video 360 users.

The new page will clarify what violations would constitute an account suspension. These include:

  • Circumventing systems
  • Coordinated deceptive practices
  • Counterfeit
  • Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies
  • Unacceptable business practices
  • Trade Sanctions violation
  • Sexually explicit content

While the new Display and Video 360 page isn’t available yet, expect to see additional context on the violations above to ensure you avoid them.

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