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FEATURED STM THREAD: Facebook Bans, When Is This Gonna End?

There are always some people complaining on the forums about their problems with FB accounts, it’s kinda become a norm in the FB Ads business. But recently, it really got out of hand. Just this week, there are maybe 3 or 4 new threads related to FB account issues.

So in case you’re one of the affected, rest assured you’re not alone, something is wrong with FB so it seems. Many people blame it on the upcoming election in the US, which could mean an increase in the effort to catch any unfair political ads.

Some believe there might be a bug in the automatic Ad screening system that facebook uses, others believe it’s just another strike against affiliates and smaller advertisers in general. Hard to say where the truth lies…

But anyways, the election is scheduled for next week, so we will at least know whether that particular theory had some grounds. Stay tuned.

>> Check one of the threads here <<

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