TikTok Poses Threat To Amazon With New Warehouse Plans

(Image source: DigitalNewsDaily)

TikTok’s making headlines this week. Axios discovered Jobs listed on LinkedIn, including one for a global fulfilment centre position in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Plans to construct warehouses and establish an e-commerce supply chain could directly compete with Amazon.

One job description called for a “logistics solutions manager” to work in a global fulfilment centre, planning and designing fulfilment centres and e-commerce logistics solutions.

TikTok told Axios that it plans to offer “a variety of merchants offering a range of product options as well as delivery options” in regions where it has e-commerce programs, with those areas being its primary focus.

TikTok touts its “millions of loyal users worldwide” and its platform’s ability to provide users with a new and improved e-commerce experience.

The job listings also highlight TikTok’s plans to create warehousing, delivery, and returns for sellers in order to expand TikTok Shop – a reference to the company’s recent e-commerce features, including one that allows brands and sellers to manage online stores directly in the app.

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Instagram Tests 4 New Ad Options For Holiday Season

Image Source: DigitalNewsDaily

To help brands reach more customers this holiday season, Instagram is testing four new advertising options, including music optimization for Reels ads, new ads in Explore, multi-advertiser ads, and augmented reality (AR) ads.

With the rise of TikTok, the popular photo-sharing app has shifted toward short-form video, with Reels generating over $1 billion in revenue in the last year. In a recent blog post, the company stated, “Reels ads present a new opportunity for reaching new customers.”

Carousel Ads on Reels can benefit from the addition of free songs from the Meta Sound Collection library. Businesses can now manually select a song from the library or let the app choose a song for an ad based on the ad’s content.

Instagram will also include ads in Explore, the grid that users see when they first visit the Explore tab, in order to “reach people in the earliest stages of discovering new content they care about.”

Instagram is also testing what it calls “multi-advertiser ads” — ads that suggest additional ads for relevant businesses in users’ feeds.

Instagram recently launched an open beta of AR ads available both in users’ feeds and Stories. Powered by Spark AR, brands can now encourage people to interact with the effect through their surroundings

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FEATURED STM THREAD: The Secrets Of TOP Content Creators?

Ok, so there are some content creators out there who make mad money. And we really mean it when we say MAD! Like 10s of millions of DOLLARS! But why these particular ones? Why not some from the millions of others who struggle to even get their channels monetized?

You might say that some just got lucky… and we’re not gonna argue, because after all, there might be something to it. But, to say it’s been all pure luck would be IGNORANT to say the least. There must be more to it, agree?

Why did we bring this up? Well, we have this new member on the forum going by the nickname “Creators Mafia” and they’re started to post really AMAZING content lately.

First they’ve dropped a super detailed analysis going deep into the reasons for the success of Bella Poarch, the current Queen of TikTok. And man, did that really click with us… so many A-HA moments in that one.

And just yesterday, they dropped another amazing piece on Markiplier, arguably one of the nicest Youtubers out there… who happens to have a net worth of 35+ Millions of USD. Not too shabby at all, agree?

This is not the typical STM content we are all used to, but it’s SO worth a read. Links below:

Bella Poarch’s Analysis

Markiplier Case Study