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⚡⚡26 Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Betch’ya haven’t heard about some of these extensions.

Time to supercharge your productivity, here are the first 10:

1. StayFocusd – Limit the time you spend on time-wasting sites.
2. SpeakIt! – Speech to text in 50 languages.
3. Loom – Record your screen, voice and face with an instantly shareable video.
4. Autofill – Replaces Chrome’s default autofill by using the infobar to automatically generate autofill rules.
5. OneTab – Convert your tabs into a list to save memory and reduce clutter.
6. Save to Pocket – Quickly capture articles, videos any anything else you find on the web.
7. Strict Workflow – Pomodoro-style productivity timer.
8. Buffer – Schedule social media content (Twitter, Facebook, TweetDeck and more)
9. Auto Text Expander – Create custom keyboard shortcuts (adds JS to the pages you visit and compares keystrokes)
10. Sortd for Gmail – Add-on for Gmail and G-suite for team collaboration.

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7 Lessons from $1M Facebook Ad Spend

“I’ve spent more than $900K on Facebook ads in over 4 years.

Facebook ads are a complex and nuanced form of marketing.

Spending close to a million on ecommerce, real estate, festivals, mobile apps, and much more, I can say that I’ve learned a thing or two about running successful Facebook ads.”

Here’s a summary of Jonathan Low’s Facebook ad lessons after spending roughly $1M.

1. Keep a bigger audience.

Target a larger audinece of at least one million people.

2. Retarget with a large enough audience.

Resist temptation to segment audiences of poeple who visited your site in the last 7/14/21 days – regroup your audiences so you don’t oversaturate your audience.

3. Don’t scale unless you get results.

Make sure you get sales every day for at least two weeks before scaling aggressively.

4. Retargeting is everything.

You’ll make most of your money from retargeting. Spend as much time making creatives for your custom audiences as you do for your cold ones.

5. Low CPC doesn’t equal results.

Measure ROI instead. 4 people converting from 50 visitors is better than 1 person converting from 1,000 visitors.

6. Analyze and optimize your demographics.

Keep an eye on which ages, genders and locations bring you the best results. Careful though — make sure you’ve reached at least 2,000 to 10,000 people.

7. Pay attention to cash flow management.

Cash flow is extremely important for scaling – have multiple credit cards. Also, go slowly, $100/day may give you the most profits, just ike $100K/day may give you the best results.

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Source: Reddit

FEATURED STM THREAD: Let’s Talk About WordPress Again, Shall We?

WordPress and Landing Pages… that’s a nay in the performance marketing world, it’s common knowledge pretty much. Not that it wouldn’t be handy to use WP to create landers. There are so many cool templates out there, the system is quite easy to use, no wonder some people feel tempted to choose it as their “LP builder”.

But, WP based websites are veeeeery code heavy, not even mentioning all the plugins that MIGHT not be the best optimized pieces of code out there. And the result? Atrocious loading speed of the final site/page/LP. Which is a HUGE problem with certain traffic types… POPs anyone?

Ok, but affiliate marketing is not just about POPs and simple SOI offers, how about eComerce? It’s no secret that WooCommerce happens to be one of the most popular eshop platforms out there and yes, it’s actually a WP plugin.

How viable is it to use it then, when the loading speed is quite shitty? The key is to keep your WP install as clean as possible. You simply don’t need every single plugin that looks cool. So which ones to drop?

Check the thread linked below, our most recent addition to the STM Mod team, Jeremie, shared a lot of great tips in an attempt to help a member out with his WooCommerce store. He was facing quite major loading speed problems, but it turned out it was closely related to all the plugins he used. Jeremie analyzed the site and dropped some great tips on how to make everything run faster.

>> Preview the thread here <<