Snapchat Ads: A Step by Step Guide

If you’re looking to expand your ad spend beyond FB and IG, here’s a nice comprehensive guide to Snapchat ads.

A complete walkthrough of the Snap Ads platform with an introduction to its ad formats and tracking features.

Why You Should Advertise on Snapchat

Snapchat has 550 million monthly active users. It’s in between Facebook and smaller channels like Twitter and Pinterest. But it sets itself apart with these characteristics:

– Users are 150% more likely to communicate visually instead of with words.

– The total spending power of Snapchatters is $4.4 trillion–with nearly 2 trillion in North America alone.

80% of Snapchatters in the US are younger than 36 years old–that covers 75% of Millenials and Gen Zers.

Getting started on Snapchat isn’t pricey–the minimum daily spend is just $5.

Account Setup

Create a Snachat business account: Go to and log in using your Snapchat account details.

Next, set up a public profile so Snapchatters can easily sub and engage with your business. From Ads Manager, open the main menu and select Public Profiles.

You can include your location, site and email. Plus a 150-character bio and upload a logo:

Install the Snap pixel: Open the main menu in Ads Manager and select Events Manager.

Choose a source for your event by clicking the New Event Source button and selecting Web, App, or Offline. The Snap pixel code can then be manually installed or a partner integration can be used to streamline data sharing.

How to Run Ads on Snapchat

Hit up Snapchat Ads Manager and select Create Ads–then either follow Instant Create or the Advanced Create workflow.

Design Your Snapchat Ad

Your creative can be a single image or video. Write a headline and choose a call-to-action (CTA) to display at the bottom of your ad. Snapchat auto-displays your public profile at the top of the ad but you have the option to change the brand name in your ad.

To get your audience to act, add a sample caption–a simple text overlay on your ad. You can also select from the available templates to change the look of your ad and unlock additional options. For example, you can add a logo to increase brand recognition.

Set Your Targeting

On the delivery screen you’ll be able to set the following targeting parameters:

Demographics, including gender, age, and language

Location, including targeting at the country, state, city, or Designated Market Area (DMA) level

Devices, including OS and device makes

– Interests & Custom Audiences, including Snapchat-designed audience segments.

What’s left is the set a daily or lifetime budget and a timeframe for your ad. You can also change the bid strategy from auto-bid, which is optimized to maximise results while spending your entire budget.

Hit Publish and your ad’s good to go.

If you want to learn how to create Snapchat ads via Advanced Create, go check the full piece.

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[Interview] How Cole Humphus Turned His Photography Side Hustle Into a $1 Million+ Profit Per Year Website

[A story by Niche Pursuits]

Cole’s story is inspiring, thrilling, and unusual.

He’s here today to talk about his side business and the steps he took to grow it into a multi-million dollar corporation with a tiny workforce.

Cole’s blog was a photography-related content site that had nothing to do with his schooling or career in corporate finance.

Despite this, he transformed it into a full-time job and a profitable business that generates seven figures each year.

He subsequently sold the company to a software company and now consults with business owners on how to rapidly increase sales without jeopardizing their lifestyle or earnings.

Here’s what’s discussed during the chat:

  • How a conversation with a friend caused his jaw to drop and inspired him to teach his skills online
  • Building an audience through content

Making $135,000 in the first year selling courses on the blog

  • What Ryan Deiss said to him to change his life
  • How he scaled the blog to reach seven figures PROFIT for multiple years
  • The importance of not just relying on organic traffic
  • Using and scaling paid ads
  • Building a brand
  • How to best serve the visitors to your website
  • Tactics to get leads to use Facebook messenger and email.
  • Advising Jared (our host) on what to do with a cleaning blog to increase revenue online (A role play dummy experiment during the call)
  • What’s working with paid ads today
  • Leveraging other experts to help with business growth

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