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🆕 New FB Ad Format – Ad Pods

Facebook’s testing a new in-stream video ad format – Ad Pods, in addition to its in-stream ads.

What are ad pods?

They’re two back-to-back mid-roll video ads using its in-stream ads formats.

They’re a mix of 15-second skippable and non-skippable video ads, plus long-form ads (more than 15 seconds).

>> Check the full piece here to see live examples of ad pods <<

[SPONSORED] Native Ads Launched at TwinRed!

Adult Ad Network TwinRed has launched their native ad format which promises to bring even higher conversion rates to their advertisers, especially for those running dating, nutra and casino offers.

TwinRed’s native format allows advertisers to:
• Use the “crop” feature for best creative optimization on different sizes
• Add a ‘call to action’, as well as brand name and headline text
• Use {Browser / Country / City} macros for best performance
• Test their campaigns across different sizes and layouts to ensure optimal delivery
• Target direct quality traffic sources

Sign up at TwinRed now and speak to your personal account manager about the best tips & tricks for this new native format!

And if native is not enough for you – TwinRed’s Push Notifications are now also available via RTB! Contact [email protected] to start monetizing push with TwinRed.

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Source: Reddit

🍪 5 Ways Marketers Are Preparing for Third-Party Cookiepocalypse

Epsilon’s latest research study – Preparing for a world without third-party cookies” – shows there are 5 ways marketers are dealing with cookie deprecation.

Here’s a quick summary:

1. Building a customer data platform (CDP) (67%)

Outlook: Right direction, but the CDP needs to be enterprise-ready

2. Strategizing around first-party data (62%)

Outlook: The clearest near-term path for long-term growth

3. Building out a private ID graph (60%)

Outlook: Good intentions, but very few brands are in a position to do this right

4. Moving to contextual targeting strategies (54%)

Outlook: Easy near-term solve, but highly inefficient

5. Getting a data clean room (25%)

Outlook: Not enough marketers are moving in this direction

>> Go read the full piece to see how to prepare for the death of the third-party cookie <<

FEATURED STM THREAD: From BH to WH, $1.2 Million Revenue With Facebook

Facebook is a huge traffic source with an INSANE profit potential, we all know that much. But, we also know they love to BAN for whatever random reason and it’s not that easy to get an account back. Even more so in the case of GreyHat or BlackHat campaigns. Once you’re caught doing something fishy, your account is a toast!

That’s why more and more affiliates look into White Hat ways of making money with this mammoth traffic source. Is that even possible? Hell yes, it is and we have a case to prove this to you today.

One of STM’s members, cashy, just posted a thread where he reveals how much he made during the past two months and it’s not shabby at all!!! $1.200.000 in revenue with a pretty healthy ROI.

Cashy used to operate in the Grey/Black Hat zone for quite some time, but like many others, he got tired of the constant account bans and looked for something better. That’s how he landed in the WH leadgen business, namely insurance.

Want to know more? What type of insurance? Direct or via affiliate networks? Lead quality issues? What was the profit like? It’s all in the thread, check it out!

>> Preview the thread here <<

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