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🎙️ 34 Podcasts for Achieving Your 2021 Resolutions

Calling 2020 a dumpster fire is an understatement.

Start 2021 on the right foot – here are 34 podcasts to help nail down your 2021 resolutions.

Here’s are the first 5 podcasts:

1. Life Kit

Who or what it’s for: Everyone and everything

What it is: A guide to being a person that fits in your pocket, Life Kit truly delivers on the promise of its wide-sweeping name.

2. On Being

Who or what it’s for: Feeling more present in your humanity

What it’s about: “Krista Tippett wants to get to the bottom of everything human, from the spiritual to the scientific. Every week she interviews a new person who can speak to vastly different aspects of life’s biggest questions.

3. Maintenance Phase

Who or what it’s for: Those looking to start new weight-loss diets, juice cleanses, or any other wellness trend

What it’s about: What does it mean to be “healthy?” It seems like a simple question, but actually comes with a world of baggage.

4. What A Day

Who or what it’s for: Those looking to be better informed on the day-to-day of American politics

What it’s about: “A daily news podcast from the Pod Save America team, What A Day is co-hosted by author and comedian Akilah Hughes (who Mashable interviewed for its own History Becomes Her podcast). In a sea of white dude daily news podcasts, Hughes and co-host Gideon Resnick often cover stories that slip through the cracks but speak to the day’s most central issues.

5. Home Cooking

Who or what it’s for: The new, aspiring home chef who doesn’t know where to start

What it’s about: While chef Samin Nosrat (of Salt Fat Acid Heat fame) and podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway (of Song Exploder fame) began this podcast in 2020 with quarantine in mind, its utility has a much longer lifespan. Many of us need help getting started in the kitchen whether or not there’s a pandemic, and this dynamic duo has got your back like no other.

>> Go see the full list of 34 podcasts right here — there’s something for everyone <<

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FEATURED STM THREAD: PUSH Traffic And Sweeps, Yay Or Nay?

PUSH traffic remains to be one of the most popular traffic types for new affiliates and there are solid reasons for that. Large volumes available, pretty lenient rules, cheap clicks and universal GEO coverage.

If we should name one disadvantage, it would be the total lack of any demo or interest targeting. Because of that, really broad appeal offers are needed to make this traffic type work. And what’s the ultimate broad appeal vertical? Sweepstakes! Who doesn’t like to win or get something for free? Everyone does!

This being said, it’s no surprise that sweeps + push is the most popular newbie combo. But is it really the best? Can campaigns like that last for a while? And isn’t everyone promoting this combo, hence making it a saturated one?

Those were questions that one of our new members posted this week. Want to know what answers he got from the more experienced members of the STM community? Check the link below 🙂

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Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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