Here Are The Greatest TikTok Ads in Europe

Image source: TikTok For Business

Earlier this month, the Grand Prix of the first-ever TikTok Awards were held in Amsterdam, the culmination of our pan-European program to celebrate the brands and agencies that are leading the charge on our platform with creative, high-performing campaigns.

Following ceremonies in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Nordics, local winners came together in central Amsterdam to see who would be crowned the overall Greatest TikTok Europe, and take home bragging rights as the brand that “gets” TikTok.

Launched in May 2022, we created an awards program to showcase the brands and agencies who are embracing our platform and have the incredible results to show for it.

Meet the shortlist

Greatest TikTok UK

Channel 4 | 4creative

Tapping into trends is a great way for brands to join in on cultural moments on TikTok. Channel 4 did just that by jumping on the popular “tell me, without telling me” trend with a Branded Hashtag Challenge that invited the TikTok community to celebrate what makes them different. With a custom soundtrack and complementary ad formats, the campaign drove a massive 5.1B video views, 8.7M engagements and 827K video creations.

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