12 Eye-Catching Google Ads Examples & How to Copy Them

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There are no images to set the tone (image extensions do not count), everyone receives the same 90 characters of blue text, and the words you use have a direct impact on your Quality Score and Ad Rank. It can feel very formulaic…

However, this does not prevent you from being creative and differentiating yourself from other advertisers on the SERP.

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of Google ad examples to demonstrate this point. Continue reading to see search ads that stand out from a variety of industries, tones, and approaches that you can use to get ideas for your own.

  1. The snappy specialist

When I searched for “buy swing set,” I came across a number of ads that did everything right: they used the word “best,” mentioned discounts, and shared unique features. But with its catchy “We Do Swing Sets, Nothing Else” headline, this ad from King Swing Sets had me sold. If this is all King does, it must be very good at it. This is the epitome of niche marketing. 

I also like the description’s conversational tone (“We get it, it’s a big purchase”), which is a great example to follow if you specialize in a specific niche.

  1. The differentiator  

Your differentiator—what distinguishes you from other providers of your product or service—is the most important component of any good elevator pitch. This Kustomer ad appeared for the search term “customer service software,” with the headline “The Customer Service Platform – Based on Customers Not Tickets.” 

The phrase “this, not that” can be a powerful way to differentiate your product or service from competitors. Then there’s a nice supporting description: “A Customer-Centric Software For Immediate, In-Depth Responses To Customer Service Requests.”

  1. The feature drop

Another way to set your company apart from the competition is to highlight a unique feature. For example, for the same query, Zoho has an ad that says “Best Customer Service Software – AI to Deduct User Sentiments.” That is a distinct selling point. It catches my attention. The ad could be stronger if the description included more information about this feature, but my curiosity is driving me to click.

4. The benefit banker

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have this Google ad example by Thesis, which relies on benefits to drive clicks. The search term is “high quality energy supplements,” but there is no mention of supplements or quality in the headline. “Focus, Energy, Clarity – Hours of Focus, Zero Crash,” it says. The description continues, “Finish your projects, achieve your goals, and return to focused work.”

5. The qualifier

BlueVine’s Google ad below says, “Small Business Loans – Requires $100K+ Annual Revenue.” That feels a little…restrictive, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly the point. BlueVine does not want to pay for clicks or fill its CRM with leads who are ineligible for the type of loan it provides. This is a great way to pre-qualify your leads and save money on Google Ads.

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TikTok streamlines social commerce with 3 new ad formats

Image Source: The TikTok app is displayed on an Apple iPhone on August 7, 2020 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty Images via Getty Images

According to a blog post, TikTok launched a commerce solution that includes 3 new ad formats.

Here’s a super quick brief:

Video Shopping Ads place a sponsored “Shop Now” banner at the bottom of posts that viewers can tap to access a landing page and click out to the brand’s website to make a purchase. 

Catalog Listing Ads allow brands to link to a full catalog to their TikTok campaigns.

Live Shopping Ads directs people browsing TikTok’s scrolling For You page to live shopping events. 

All three offerings are currently in testing as TikTok tweaks its social commerce strategy ahead of the holiday season. The formats are available through one media-buying objective, called Product Sales, in the app’s ads manager. 

👉👉 Read All About The New Formats Here