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🆑 7 Call-to-Action (CTA) Tools to Boost Conversions

Face it: your landers need high CTRs and conversions if you want your campaigns profitable.

Optimizing your CTAs is one way to boost CTRs, so here are 7 tools that let you generate and split-test CTAs you can throw on your landers.

Some are paid, some have free features, some don’t have split-testing.

Pick whichever you fancy.

Let’s go:

1. HubSpot Calls-to-Action

This one lets you A/B test, optimize and analyze stats plus upload your own custom button design or image-based CTAs.

2. Wishpond

Drag-and-drop builder with over 20 templates and A/B and/or multivariate tests. Plus advanced tracking and automation assists with customer segmentation.

3. Sniply

Lets you add CTAs to the links you share – customized CTA overlay.

4. ClickMinded

Da Button Factory – a free tool to generate CTAs. Can implement as HTML + CSS.

5. Canva

Everyone knows canva – you’ll have to design your own buttons here but you can upload it to your CMS and insert on your landers too.

6. ImageFu

Super quick button maker with sliders – can create a CTA in seconds.

7. ButtonOptimizer

Similar to ImageFu but you also have the option to download as a PNG file too.

>> See these tools listed in more detail on HubSpot <<

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21 HQ eCommerce case Studies

This startup founder found and curated 21 ecommerce case studies worth reading.

They include key strategies, tactics and major decisions top D2C brands have gone through.

These are all high-quality in-depth articles – so go grab a coffee beforehand.

Most pieces are 20+ minute reads.

And inside you’ll see brands like:

– Gymshark
– Koala
– Beardrand
– Huckberry
– Dollar Shave Club
– Bellroy

>> Go see the full list here (and maybe save to your bookmarks) <<

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FEATURED STM THREAD: What Was The Most Viewed Thread On STM This Week?

Every week, some threads on STM stand out and draw more attention than the rest. Sometimes it’s a close run, sometimes there is a clear winner. So how about this week? There were two that left all the others behind 🙂

The top place was taken by Matuloo, one of the longest running STM mods. He asked a simple question… What was your “1 thing” that made you realise Affiliate Marketing was the real deal.

The discussion quickly took off and some interesting replies from several experienced affiliates have been posted.


The second place this week belongs to iAmAttila and his “How To Make Money, Not Get Banned, and Push The Best CPA Offers on Facebook” thread. Great thread with lots of actionable info. Definitely worth a read.

Link here:

It was a close run, the difference was less than 20 views! The rest of the popular threads had way less views. Let’s see what threads get the most engagement next week. Cheers.

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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