👉 New Insights For Facebook’s Machine Learning Ad System

Facebook recently revealed new insights into how its ad system and machine learning algorithms work.

First, Facebook determines 2 factors:

1) Audience targeting: selected by advertisers
2) Its ad auction process (based on a range of factors)

But here’s where it gets interesting.

After selecting your targeting, Facebook then defines a ‘winner’ for each user, based on eligible ads, by the following factors:

1) Advertiser Bid – How much money you’re spending on your Facebook ads – the more you allocate, the more this will contribute to reach

2) Estimated Action Rate – Facebook estimates the likelihood that each user will take action on an ad, based on a range of factors relating to their individual behaviours

3) Ad Quality – Facebook measures this based on feedback from users (e.g. how many people report or hide your ad) and “assessments of low-quality attributes” (too much text in the ad’s image, sensationalized language, engagement bait).

Estimated action rate, being a more variable factor, is largely out of your control (though not entirely). Here’s Facebook’s explanation:

“To find the estimated action rate, machine learning models predict a particular person’s likelihood of taking the advertiser’s desired action, based on the business objective the advertiser selects for their ad, like increasing visits to their website or driving purchases. To do this, our models consider that person’s behavior on and off Facebook, as well as other factors, such as the content of the ad, the time of day, and interactions between people and ads.”

In summary, a good creative is really still the key, despite Facebook’s wide-ranging factors.

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Splurge on a Keyboard, It’s Worth It

Given the global pandemic and having to spend more time in front of your computer you definitely want to look after your wrists.

Let’s jump right into it.

1) What are mechanical keyboards and why are they so popular?

It’s the special switches, like Cherry MX, that are responsible for so many loyal fans. Go check out /r/mechanicalkeyboards on Reddit.

MRKTRs Pro Tip: A great entry-level and relatively cheap mechanical keyboard to get is the Anne Pro 2.

However, as much as we love mechanical keyboards, experts and ergonomists like David Rempel, an expert in hand and arm biomechanics and a professor emeritus at University of California at Berkeley, makes these suggestions:

Go thin. “The thinner the keyboard, the straighter the wrists,”

Skip the number pad. You want your mouse as close to the keys as possible, so your right hand, wrist, and arm are strained minimally moving back and forth.

Don’t be cheap. Spend at least $50, Rempel says. You’re paying for consistency with each stroke and from key to key.

Read the specs. The “make force,” which is the pressure required to push a key, should be 50 to 70 “gram force” (often just represented as “g”). Below 40g results in accidental keystrokes; over 70g fatigues your fingers and wrists.

Stagger keys. Keys in vertical rows, which require less motion from your fingers, will be an adjustment.

>> Check out the full piece over at Bloomberg and do some research, for your wrist’s sake <<

FEATURED STM THREAD: More Lessons Added To Amy’s Facebook Beginner Tutorial

Another week has passed and Amy’s FB beginner tutorial is again closer to completion. Haven’t heard about it, yet? Well, in case you’ve read at least one of Amy’s guides, you know you’re up for a treat 🙂

As any tutorial from Amy, it’s very detailed, contains step-by-step instruction and packed with lots of useful info. To put it simple, if you ever wanted to test the waters with Facebook Ads, now’s the time to do it.

This week, Amy has posted 3 more lessons, here are the titles:

GEN11c: Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial For Newbies
GEN11d: Crafting Your FB Ads – Ad Text
GEN12c: Setting Up Your FB Campaign – Ad-Level Options

This brings the total number of already posted lessons to 15… the finished tutorial should contain about 22 lessons, possibly more. If you haven’t logged into STM for a while, it might be a good idea to do so… lot’s of great content has been posted lately.

>>

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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