2022 Global Ecommerce Report: Fashion & Apparel

Based on growth projections, retail ecom sales will surpass $1 trillion for the first time ever in 2022, according to eMarketer.

Inflation terms contradict this but consumers spent $2.8 billion in added costs from Jan to Mar, according to Adobe Analytics.

The fashion and apparel sector saw $180.5 billion in ecommerce revenue in 2021, up from $145 billion in 2020, despite significant personnel shortages and supply chain problems.

The fashion category is examined in BigCommerce’s first industry trend study as it emerges after two years of COVID-19 pandemic impact.

How the Fashion Industry Performed in Q1 2022

We predicted that 2022 would be a record-breaking year for e-commerce, and the fashion sector is no exception.

The inclusive GMV for ecommerce as a whole has increased by 3% so far in Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2021. However, by the same measure, the fashion and clothing sector has increased by 19%.

The average order volume for fashion exhibits the same superior performance as the ecommerce market. All ecommerce sectors showed an average order volume (AOV) growth of 3% between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022, however, the fashion sector saw an AOV growth of 13% over the same time frame.

A Shift in Sales by Mobile Device

Orders placed on a mobile device saw a 4% decline compared to ecommerce retail in Q1 2021.

Despite the decline, there has been a slight increase in GMV by 2%.

Counter to this trend, the fashion industry saw a 13% QoQ increase in GMV by mobile devices and a 14% jump in average order value.

North America Fashion Outpaced Overall North America Ecommerce

Fashion GMV was up 24% in Q1 2022 versus Q1 2021. Total number of orders went up 13% QoQ and AOV was up similarly at 13%.

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21 Excellent Examples of Emotional Ad Copy (+97 Words & Phrases to Try)

You don’t need to move your customers to tears to have an effective emotional ad. Here are 13 types of emotional ad copywriting techniques, 21 ad examples that demonstrate them, and 85+ words and phrases inspired by them to use in your copy.

MRKTRs chiming in: you can apply these to your campaigns ASAP–affiliate or advertiser (product owner) it matters not.

Click below to jump to any emotional ad copy style in the main article:

Here Are A Couple of Emotional Ad Copy Examples to Get You Started

Negative emotions are more powerful motivators than positive ones, here are a few ads that nail it:

The doubt seed planter 🙁

In this Facebook ad example below, Mailchimp writes “Freelancers know they need to hustle to succeed—just don’t hustle too hard. Why?”

Then it shares some stats about overworked freelancers generating less revenue. In the ad creative, it also asks the question, “Are you overdoing it?”

Well shoot. Maybe your reality as you know it is not quite what you thought. Are you overdoing it? Better download that report to find out.

Words and phrases to plant doubt seeds

  • But do you really
  • Can you be sure?
  • When was the last time you checked your…
  • Do you know what your ___ is?
  • You can’t always rely on your instincts

The hard truth teller 😧

No doubt or mystery. 60Learning takes a firm stand by telling you that traditional elearning “isn’t cutting it anymore” and is “set up to fail,” causing “the greatest learning crisis in recent memory.” If I’m in search of a learning management software, I’m not about to invest my money into something that, according to science, is set up to fail. I think I’ll go’head and do some learning about learning.

Words you can use for hard truth

  • Isn’t cutting it anymore
  • Set up to fail
  • Doomed
  • On the fast track to failure
  • Fall short
  • The truth is
  • We hate to break it to you, but
  • We’ve got good news and bad news…
  • The only thing is…

The indignant anger stirrer 😤

In some cases, you can address a pain point in your ad that your customer might not be fully aware of. For example, this ad starts off with “The majority of the day should NOT be spent waiting in the pharmacy.”

Now someone who has never used a different pharmacy than their current one, or even an older individual who might have the patience to wait—might not realize that there’s a better option out there. This Facebook ad copy introduces the pain point and encourages a feeling of assertive pursuit of what you deserve.

Here’s another example. SoFi (one of my favorite conversational tone brands) has a video of a woman being left out in the rain with copy that reads, “Broker leaving you out in the cold? Warm up to an investing relationship wtih SoFi—and pay $0 in commission fees..” Then the Facebook ad headline says “break up with bad brokers.”

And finally, this Google Ad copy from a law firm reads “Don’t let the insurance co. push you around. Take back control. Discuss your rights today.”

Words to stir up indignant anger in your ads

  • You deserve better
  • Stay away from greedy ____
  • Put a stop to
  • You should not have to
  • The ____ game is over
  • Don’t let ____ walk all over you
  • You’re not a doormat
  • You’re worth more than ____

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