💋Top 5 Strategies to Boost Fashion Marketing Conversions

The fashion biz is booming and expected to grow by 15.7% in 2020 to 718 billion globally.

But many in the fashion business are struggling – low ROAS, horrible PPC campaigns and unresponsive audiences.

We, as marketers, have an edge and now just may be the right time to jump in and build a fashion store.

When it comes to apparel, for example, Instagram is king (obviously):

Before we jump into strategies, here are 2 key elements you should be aware of:

Use IG Stories

Instagram’s photo-first user experience means higher engagement – when running na Instagram story you can have customers swipe up or click a CTA. Here’s an ad example:

  • This brand’s selling an entire outfit not just one piece of clothing (selling a lifestyle instead of a pair of pants)
  • Targeted to an audience after practical (yet fashionable) items.

Use Facebook Video ads

75% of women use Facebook, and 63% of men use it, too – when you separate by gender.

Facebook video has a higher engagement stat (6.01%) when compared to photo, link and status posts.

Here’s a cool Facebook video ad to study:

  • A simple and eye-catching video combined with a little movement can go a long way. The average watch time of a Facebook video is only 10 seconds.
  • Simple, clear and direct value – comfy shoes, free shipping, free returns and they’re easy to clean.

On to the 5 strategies:

Strategy #1: Personalize Your Customers’ Experience

“By 2020, more than half of consumers want a level of personalization before they even interact with your website.”

Add the personal touch to 2 key areas:

  • The shopping experience
  • Retargeted ads

I.e. this:

And this (for retargeted ads)

You may want to start retargeting because the average conversion rate for a style and fashion e-commerce store sits at the dreadful 1.3%

Some more interesting stats:

Strategy #2: Ensure your customers know how to use your product

People now only see ads of your pants, dresses or shirts – they also want to look like the person in the ad.

Make a style guide!

Strategy #3: Know your buying audience (not just your intended audience)

Do you know your audience? Or do you just have an audience in mind? Big difference.

BlackLabel were shocked to find their target audience weren’t 22-year-old, rebellious and against “The Man”. They were “The Man”.

Strategy #4: Use influencers as social proof

73% of millennial customers say it’s important to them to read other people’s opinions before they buy.

Invest in influencers and you have your reviews – without even having sold a product!

Strategy #5: Create a blog and direct organic traffic to your brand

85% of millennial customers do research before making a purchase, and 60% of that research happens on the company’s website

  • Establish your blog as a leading authority on all things fashion, your store most of all. So potential customers don’t run off to somebody else’s blog and store after they’ve seen an interesting new item that they know nothing about.

Look at Farfetch, they’re crushing it:

>> Grab the full piece here (and prepare a drink beforehand, because it’s huge) <<

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