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Automation has become a lifeline in digital advertising. If you consider the latter without considering the former, you will fall behind competition.

While the fear of robots stealing marketing jobs is widespread, automation frees up time for advertising teams to focus on branding, strategy, data, and, ultimately, creativity.

To boost effectiveness, PPC advertisers must embrace machine learning and feed it the proper data.

You will lose the war against AI. All of Google’s decisions are based on AI, and creativity is driving automation.

Google’s new ad type announcements at Google Marketing Live (video views and demand generation campaigns, for example) and products like the Ads Creative Studio have made it apparent that excellent creative must become a priority.

Here’s why and how advertisers can hone in on PPC ad creative to drive better results in Google Ads.

Front and center for PPC ad creativity

TikTok’s meteoric rise has spurred other platforms to develop comparable offerings, altering the format and frequency with which information is watched.

Vertical films with a real-life look and feel, as well as trendy soundtrack, are the direction that commercials must take in order to remain relevant and interest people.

This means less words, more images, and more movement.

Every day, consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements. Advertisers compete for attention with their competitors and for digital ad space with all other advertisers.

When Google decides when to show your display ad, it considers the following factors:

  • In the auction, your bid.
  • How relevant your ad is to the user.
  • The likelihood that the user will click on it.
  • After all, Google profits from clicks.

The significance of relevant, eye-catching advertisements necessitates the creation of more materials than ever before. The more asset options fed into machine learning, the better.

Based on asset strength ratings, the computers pick which to present your audience.

For better interaction, creative should be personalized to the personalities you’re attempting to reach, aligned with company messaging, and include an intriguing offer.

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Nutra campaigns in the US on Push traffic can be a hard nut to crack.  But we at Pushub saw an affiliate running successfully, so we’ve asked him to share his experiences.

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Campaign Details 

Vertical: Nutra (CBD, Gummies, etc.)

Geo: US
Payout – $120

Revenue: $80,945$ 

Cost = $67,291

Profit = $13,654

Stage I – Aug-Dec 2022

Master Affiliate:
“We started testing in a more conservative way, with just 1 Landing page. That helped us get the general idea if the traffic was right for us. At the same time we got the idea how much we would need to bid on various sub-Sources”

Revenue = 6,960$

Cost = 7,305.06$

Profit = -345$

Stage II – Jan 2023

Master Affiliate:

In January, we tested a few more variations of landing pages. Previous knowledge of which sub-sources to focus helped us scale faster, and Knowledge of which sources performed poorly in the past helped prevent unnecessary losses.”

Revenue = 15,260$

Cost = 10,535$

Profit = $4,725…see more

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Factors for Success:

Effective A/B Testing: The Master Affiliate did a lot of split-testing to find the most effective combinations of creatives + landing pages.

Quickly adapting to change: He scaled up when results were good, scaled down when results were not-as-good, continued to test different things to turn things around to get even BETTER results than before, then scaled back up…see more

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