💯 Ad Costs Slumped by 30-35% – Gaming/Ecom/Education Booming

The epidemic has caused travel, live entertainment and physical retail companies to freeze their marketing causing a plunge in ad prices.

Meanwhile, brands like Insert Name Here is snapping up ad space at a great discount.

Insert Name Here sells hair extensions and wigs – items high in demand now because women are unable to visit hairstylists.

Insert Name Here is working with social media influencers to create do-it-yourself styling videos for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Youtube.

The company has boosted its spending by about 50-100%, which is already in the millions of dollars a year.

Expedia Group a massive travel company, as an example, is set to cut ad spend by at least 80% this year to under $1 billion.
However, companies in e-commerce, internet gaming, online education and remote work software are seeing “their products fly off the virtual shelves”,

25% Increase in traffic and CPCs down by as much as 41% for media agency PMG.

Ad Colony, Flowplay, online learning such as MasterClass and many others are seeing tremendous growth as well.

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Adult Offers ARE the SOLUTION!

It is not surprising that adult dating and adult gaming offers continue to run strong, even during uncertain times. With the trend of online concerts, online learning and online meetings increasing by the day, it’s more than certain that online dating and online adult gaming will flourish even more so than in the last few weeks.

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81% of businesses are now using video for marketing – make your videos easily with Promo with fully-licensed ready-made video templates.


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5. BRAND24

This media monitoring tool lets you monitor how people are engaging with your brand.

6. Coolors

No need to wonder what colours to pick for your next IG post – just use Coolors. Lock a colour and keep pressing ‘space’ to generate more colours – you can also view and pick shades for each individual colour.

FEATURED STM THREAD: Even More Tips To Survive The Covid-19 Pandemic

We’re several weeks into the pandemic lockdown already, and unfortunately, it looks like it’s not coming to an end at all. At least not as soon as we all hoped for. What does it mean for affiliates? Well, relevant information is more important now than it ever was.

What offers keep on working now, what verticals are out for the next few months, what GEOs are the hot ones now… this is exactly the info that all of us need now. And luckily for all of us on STM, there are people and companies that do share this type of information.

The “Covid-19 Think Tank” is the forum section that you should be following closely now. There are quite a few very informative threads for you to check out, including a few started by affiliate networks or traffic sources.

I know I know, the info coming from networks is often just an undercover advertising attempt, but this time it’s a bit different 🙂 The reason is simple, these guys know exactly what verticals are being advertised now, which means people are both spending and making $$$ while doing so.

Pandemic or not, affiliate campaigns are not charity actions, business has to go on. Based on the info in the mentioned threads, there are actually quite a few verticals that work better than now than they used to, few months ago.

Well, have a look yourself, link to the section is below:

>> Preview the thread here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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