2022 Microsoft and Google Ads Benchmarks

WordStream by LOCALiQ is known for its digital advertising benchmarks studies, and this year, they’re bringing us the 2022 Microsoft and Google Ads benchmarks.

Report Overview

This research includes benchmark statistics for search advertising in 2022 to help you better assess, manage, and maximize your campaigns and budgets. Observations on the report:

  • This information was gathered from over 18K LOCALiQ customer campaigns that ran throughout the previous year and into Q1 of 2022.
  • The proprietary infrastructure constantly adjusts budget across search channels on a campaign-by-campaign basis, but overall, Google Ads received 82 percent of expenditure and Microsoft received 18 percent.
  • Average cost per click, average click-through rate, average cost per lead, and average conversion rate are all metrics to consider.

Here’s a table where you’ll find the average CPC, CPL, CTR and CVR for search ads across 23 different countries. (Click here to go to the main piece where you can sort this table)

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  • The MEDIUM ACTIVITY segment contains users who have average quality and activity scores.  This segment is perfect for scaling your campaign.  (Some optimization may be required via blacklisting/whitelisting.)
  • The LOW ACTIVITY segment contains users who are the least likely to convert, but are not bots.  This will give you the maximum number of impressions at the lowest price.

Segmentation is already available for Popunder (mobile and desktop) and Video ads.

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Advertising Drove $7.1T In 2021 U.S. Sales

According to research issued on Wednesday by The Advertising Coalition and performed by IHS Markit, advertising generated $7.1 trillion in sales in 2021 and supported 28.5 million jobs in the United States.

The cumulative impact of advertising and its multiplier effects accounted for 18.5% of US GDP in 2020 and supported roughly one-fifth of all American jobs.

Advertising’s impact will produce $9.5 trillion in sales by 2026. This would support 31.9 million jobs in the United States.

IHS Markit’s examination of the economic impact of advertising on behalf of The Advertising Coalition is the first in seven years.

The last research showed the industry drove $5.1 trillion in consumer sales and supported 20 million U.S. jobs in 2014.

The current study examines advertising spending in the U.S. and contributions to the economy, such as advertising to stimulate sales, purchases of goods and services throughout the supply chain, and the re-spending of wages by employees in the advertising industry.

The research shows how every dollar of ad spending supported nearly $21 of sales, on average, and advertising helped generate $13.5 million of sales activity per minute.

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Is that a good idea in the first place? Sure, you can hide behind a VPN, but is that really safe? And what if using an “unofficial” VPN is banned too? And it doesn’t stop there… what if you plan to run FB or TikTok and just plan to do some spying… but again, using a VPN that’s technically banned?

What’s your take on this? And what do the other STMers think about this sensitive subject? Check the thread below and cast your opinion, link is below:

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