📹 How to Use Facebook’s New Video Insights

Facebook’s just posted a video covering the updated Video Details Explorer – the tool provides comprehensive insights about any video you’ve posted on Facebook.

This is available within Creator Studio. When you click on a video within your Content Library you get to see specific insights show for that upload – including a range of key analytics features.


What are some of the new features?

1. For the first 48 hours after your upload you can see how your video performed by the hour.
2. You can view your audience retention stats within the video playback – so you can see exactly where the viewers dropped off based on the viewing chart.
3. There’s a listing fo demographic insights, including age and gender, locations and a summary of negative responses.
4. A display of how people are finding your content (recommendations, followers or shares, listed in percentages)
5. Details on Live video performance.

Here’s a direct link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=755309881976897

>> Or, go check out the full piece on SocialMediaToday <<

Did You Customize Your iPhone’s Home Screen Yet?

Yes, with the latest iOS 14 you can now customize your home screen.

The glory days of chaotic customs user interfaces…revived.

Android people can straight up yawn and skip this. After all, customization has been one of the core differences between the two OSes.

To see hundreds of screen examples you can copy from Twitter just search for “#ios14” or “#ios14homescreen”.

Careful, as some are NSFW.

“Many are themed around pop culture phenomena like Animal Crossing, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and BTS, while others focus on a single aesthetic, like line drawings or neon icons. Some even recreate older user interfaces, riffing off the PlayStation 2’s memory card screen, for example, or making iOS 14 look like iOS 6. All in all, it’s the sort of beautiful, visual chaos you usually associate with custom PC themes or Winamp skins.” – The Verge explains.

>> For the ‘Why’ and ‘How’, Go Here <<

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Announcing A New Series From Twinaxe

Sebastian (twinaxe) launched his new series of threads this week, the name is quite self explanatory : AM Insights – Affiliate Tips Straight From The Frontline. So what is about, you might ask? Let me use Sebastian’s own words here:

“I would like to start a new post series where our users (especially beginners) get the chance to receive hot tips and helpful info for their campaigns directly from the people who work closely with affiliates day by day – the affiliate managers.”

We’re certainly looking forward to these threads. Wanna know why? It’s fine to hear from owners of the networks, or managers sharing some overall data, but it’s the affiliate managers who work with us affiliates most of the time. These people know affiliates and their needs, so we certainly hope they would share some interesting stuff in the interviews.

And judging by the first interview, that’s been posted already, it’s really the case. The first interview features Stijn, affiliate manager from a very popular network among STM users: Gotzha. Stijn has 4 years of experience with AM and shares some great info in the interview.

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