3 Tricks to Create Video Ads on a Budget

There are a plethora of low-cost video editing programs available to assist you in creating profitable video ads.

1. Use screen recorders for demo-style ads

For the videos we have on the Paid Media Pros YouTube channel, we use a tool called Camtasia. This software allows us to record our screens as well as ourselves to make our demo-style videos.

Am I saying this is a video I would put out for advertising? Of course not. I just wanted to show you some of the features which included:

Here are some applications that are comparable to Camtasia and may be used to create demo-style video ads: 

  1. Try video templates for commercial-style ads

If you want to create a more commercial-style video ad, there are plenty of good video templates out there. The provider my clients use the most is Promo. Here is a basic look into what they have.

Video templates are sorted in a variety of ways such as platform (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), industry (Ecommerce, Real Estate, etc.), and more. Promo also has the option to create 6-second bumper ads.

Here’s a preview of one of the marketing templates they have. I didn’t change anything in the template.

You can alter any of the text elements to say whatever you want in the spaces. You can choose from a variety of music to complement the appearance and feel of your business or promotion. You may also add your own media to any of the templates to further customize the video.

Video template tools to try

There are many template sites out there for making memorable video ads Here is a list linked to each of their pricing pages so you see how much these tools cost (which isn’t a lot compared to an actual video shoot).

  1. Use mobile tools for social video ads

There are additional solutions if the only camera your business has is on your phone, in addition to software and tools for the desktop. These tools are also more suited for making video content for social ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. 

Many apps have templates, such as the ones we saw in the previous section (since many of them do have desktop versions). Ripl created the one below.

Mobile video tools to try

Here is a list of some of the apps you may want to check out for creating social media video content, like Facebook video ads. I’ll mix iPhone vs. Android to be fair:

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[NETWORKS] How to Email 72k Affiliates?

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11 New Ecommerce Books For Summer

For the summer, here’s a new collection of ecommerce books. Sales conversions, brand building, social media marketing, gaming, audience attention, and selling a business are among the topics covered. 

I built this list with the help of Amazon. I chose “Business & Money” from Amazon’s “Books” category. I then picked “E-commerce” from the “Processes & Infrastructure” sub-category. Then, based on customer reviews and ecommerce relevance, I hand-picked titles from that group. I also chose a couple works from the sub-category “Business Development & Entrepreneurship.”

“The Jolt Effect” is a playbook for overcoming customer indecision and closing more sales. Drawing on a study of more than 2.5 million sales conversions, it explores a customer’s fear of failure to go from verbally committing to pulling the trigger. Learn how to close the gap between customer intent and action. 

“Exit Path” gives entrepreneurs actionable steps to devise and execute an effective exit strategy. Learn why it’s essential to develop your strategy well before contemplating an exit, regardless of the age of your company. Discover how to negotiate with acquirers for an outcome aligned with your values and ambitions. 

“Using Behavioral Science in Marketing” explores the effective use of behavioural science in marketing, including email, direct mail, ad campaigns, social media marketing, and sales funnel conversion strategies. Learn how to increase customer engagement, action, and loyalty through case studies and examples from Apple, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal. Get downloadable checklists and an interactive template. 

“The Digital Experience Company” is a guide to business success in the digital age. Consumers now decide whether to do business with a company based on digital experience — from searching the internet to seeing online ads, exploring websites, and using digital products and services. Learn how to establish a digital presence, grab prospective customers, and satisfy their wants and needs through user experienceresearch. 

Growing a brand is similar to parenthood. “Don’t Fck Up Your Baby” follows the development of a brand from its baby stages to adulthood. With an 18-stage plan (i.e., 18 years from newborn to adult), get the support you need to raise your brand to a healthy, fully-formed personality, telling a story that makes you proud. 

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Growing a brand is similar to parenthood. “Don’t Fck Up Your Baby” follows the development of a brand from its baby stages to adulthood. With an 18-stage plan (i.e., 18 years from newborn to adult), get the support you need to raise your brand to a healthy, fully-formed personality, telling a story that makes you proud.