22 Google Ads Automated Rules That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The possibilities for automated rules to simplify management of your Google Ads account is almost limitless. With careful preparation, you can use them to launch new campaigns on schedule, improve current advertisements, monitor your progress, or put up a backup plan in case of emergency. Here are some frequent instances that I use:

Google automated rules for making campaign management easier

Try these automated rules to make managing Google Ads easier.

1. Pausing your campaigns before a holiday

If you know that your business is going to be closed for a few days in advance, you can use this rule to pause your campaigns on time. It’s one less thing to worry about right before your time off.

Rule type: Campaign

Action: Pause campaigns

Apply to: All campaigns

Conditions: Campaign status: All enabled

Frequency: Once, at end of the business day the day before you close.

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