AI Tools for Better Headlines

Image source: PracticalEcommerce

It is difficult to write headlines. They are never adequate. Shorter headlines are preferable if they are informational and clickable. Don’t forget about the keywords.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can assist. I tested many a few and got good results from the four listed below.


CoSchedule provides a convenient and free Headline Studio. It employs a variety of signals for impact, readability, and other purposes, including:

  • Power words that boost clicks,
  • Emotional words that elicit responses,
  • Simple, everyday words to avoid,
  • Length, clarity, and readability, as well as “Skimmability,” or the ease with which keywords can be identified.

It also ranks headlines for search engine friendliness and offers suggestions for improvement. An “AI assistant” provides feedback on certain headlines. You may have a “AI writer” create headlines for you. The tool stores your headlines for later editing or assessment.

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Campaign Details 

Vertical: Nutra (CBD, Gummies, etc.)

Geo: US

Payout: $120

Platform: Pushub

Revenue: $80,945 

Cost: $67,291

Profit: $13,654

Stage I – Aug-Dec 2022

Master Affiliate:
“We started testing in a more conservative way, with just 1 Landing page. That helped us get the general idea if the traffic was right for us. At the same time we got the idea how much we would need to bid on various sub-Sources”

Revenue = $6,960

Cost = $7,305

Profit = -$345

Stage II – Jan 2023

Master Affiliate:

In January, we tested a few more variations of landing pages. Previous knowledge of which sub-sources to focus helped us scale faster, and Knowledge of which sources performed poorly in the past helped prevent unnecessary losses.”

Revenue = $15,260

Cost = $10,535