8 Microsoft Advertising Updates Including Predictive Targeting And Generative AI For RSAs

Image source: Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Advertising has made many announcements about advertising capabilities for July 2023 in the last month.

These changes range from the introduction of Predictive Targeting, an AI-powered tool for enhancing ad conversions, to the expansion of Property Promotion Ads to cover holiday rentals.

Learn how Microsoft intends to assist advertisers in reaching more customers with greater efficacy and lower costs.

1. Adaptive Targeting

Microsoft Advertising launched Predictive Targeting, an AI-powered advertising technology that uses machine learning to automatically identify and target new audiences for increased conversions, potentially saving marketers time and increasing campaign efficiency.

While it allows for flexible integration with existing methods, potential drawbacks include losing control over target audiences and potentially wasting ad spend or causing brand damage if ads are shown to the wrong people.

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