Microsoft’s Performance Max Is Now In Open Beta

Image source: Search Engine Journal

Microsoft’s Performance Max is now available in public beta. Select marketers now have access to its whole inventory and can display advertisements across its network.

What to do first. There are five steps to creating a campaign using Microsoft Performance Max:

1. Configure Microsoft conversion tracking: While Google import is a terrific way to get started if you’re already using Performance Max there, conversion tracking is required by Microsoft. This can be accomplished through UET or by offline conversion targets. This should always be the initial step, and Microsoft recommends that you set the right goals.

2. Determine your budget and bid strategy: You want to maximise conversions while staying within your optional target return on ad spend objective.

3. Final URL expansion: Microsoft advises enabling this setting to direct customers to the most relevant landing page. It also allows Microsoft to build new assets based on what works well on landing pages.

4. Add assets: Next, add text, photos, and make sure their brand’s store is configured with Microsoft when utilising the Merchant Centre.

5. Audience signals: This assists Microsoft with predictive targeting, which in turn can assist you in reaching your target audience.

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