TikTok for Business and IPSOS partnered up to provide data-driven best practices on creative elements. 296 brand lift studies for one year.

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Make Content Native

TikTok users crave native-style content. You need to adhere to what people feel fit on the ‘For You’ feed for maximum branding impact.

Both brand-led and creator-led work well individually, and using them both has optimal impact.

2.6x Above IPSOS norm for Brand-led, 2.7x for Creator-led (local creators work even better) and 2.8x Above IPSOS norm for both combined.

Let Creators Interact With The Product

Ad recall is 4% points better and has 10% points in Brand Linkage when the creative provides product information – tutorials, reasons to purchase, etc. vs no information.

Include a Song in the Ad and Combine Songs With Voice-Overs

2% Ad Recall when any song’s used instead of no song. 3% when voice-over is added to song and 8% brand linkage when customized song and voice-over are used.

Include a Character to Drive Ad Memorability

Creative assets that include characters, whether animated or an actual person, deliver stronger brand impact than that of with no characters.

Don’t Leave Branding Until the End

There’s a 17% point decrease in Brand Linkage when branding is left to the end. 3-5 Brand Cues is the sweet spot.

Showcase The Product Offer, Claim

Highlighting the product offer, claim amplifies both Ad Recall and Brand Linkage when the product benefit/claim is shown vs no product/benefit claim.

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The Best Funnel Flow:

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Highest Conversion Flow:

👉🏻 Onclick to Prelander.  Expect conversion rates of 0.05 to 1.41% (depending on the prelander).

Best Prelanders:

We recommend to test all of the standard designs:  Spinning wheel, short survey, and gift boxes.

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TikTok Creative Best Practices…From TikTok

Straight outta TikTok’s Creative Center come these creative best practices to help you craft the best performing TikTok ad.

Here’s a summary:

High-Res Videos – 720p & Above

312% lift in conversion for videos with resolution of 720p and above.

9:16 Aspect Ratio Full-Screen

Videos see a 91% lift in conversion with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Sound On = 16% lift in impression

By adding audio of any kind.

Video Duration 21-34s

 lift in conversion and 2% lift in impression if your video duration’s 21-34s

Vertical Video Orientation

Sees a 40% lift in impressions

CTA Added

A clear call to action indicates a 152% lift in conversion.

E-commerce Creative Tips

Varied Scenes

Adding varied scenes like showing multiple product styles or switching between in-situ video and close-up feature shots indicate a 38% lift in conversion.

Closed Caption: On

A closed caption or text on the screen that clearly displays an offer or CTA indicates an 80% lift in conversion and a 16% lift in impressions.

Voiceover With Offer

Real voiceover that illustrates the product coupled with an offer text indicated an 87% lift in conversion and a 9% lift in impressions.

Gaming Creative Tips

Scenes 5+

Videos with 5+ scenes indicate a 171% lift in conversion.

Gameplay Featured

Showing features or gameplay like accumulated money, simulations or fight scenes indicate a 13% lift in impressions.

End Frame Included

Including an end frame summarizing key information indicates a 47% lift in impressions.


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