😮 Grab This Massive 90-Point Ecom Plan For Q4/BF Campaigns

Q4’s knocking on your front door and if you don’t have a plan for your campaigns you should start panicking. With Q4 and Corona in sight you’ll have to take well planned out, calculated risks.


Because more shoppers are going to be online, more competition and a second expected Corona wave may mean more delays.

Your ecommerce stores need to be well prepared.

So Blimpp
have crafted a 90-step action plan around 3 key areas: strategy, targeting, and creative, aimed at DTC brands, specifically for Q4 and Black Friday.

Here are direct links to each Q4 section, have fun:

September: Strategy

September: Targeting

September: Creative

October: Strategy

October: Targeting

October: Creative

November: Strategy

November: Targeting

November: Creative

December: Strategy

December: Targeting

December: Creative

FYI this is a massive piece with a 29min read time.

We bet this is going to generate (at the very, very least) an idea or two for your own expected Q4 campaign battles.

>> Take your time and let these ideas sink in <<

A Curated Collection of 30 Copywriting Books You Should Read in 2020

Jacbok McMillen actually went out and did his research on which copywriting books you should read for real (instead of slapping together a random quick Amazon book list sorted by ratings).

They’re organized in 5 categories:

Old School Classics Every Copywriter Should Read

Modern Copywriting Books That Are Relevant Today

Copywriting Books Steeped In Behavioral Psychology

Marketing Books That Will Improve Your Copywriting

Popular Resources On The Subject Of Writing Stuff

You’ll see classic like Cashvertising, Breakthrough Advertising, Scientific Advertising and a bunch of other familiar book names, but also a few surprises.


>> Start reading! <<

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Need Help With The Tech Stuff? We Got You Covered!

This week, we won’t point you to a specific thread on STM that you should read, we have something else to announce. There is a new moderator on the forum, Jeremie, and he’s on fire lately. If there was something we’ve been missing a bit, it was someone to help with the tech-side of things. But that’s over now 🙂

Jeremie has deep knowledge about all the tech things we all need to deal with… cleaning LPs, finding problems in the code, identifying issues that are causing headaches to all the less tech savvy affiliates.

And the best part, Jeremie is willing to take the extra step and actually take a look at the code of your LP… given that you decide to share it on the forum. So if you need help with something tech-related… post the urls straight away and tag @jeremie in the post 🙂

Coders/admins charge premium rates for support like this, but since you’re a member of STM, you can get it for free. Enjoy! 🙂

>> Check latest posts from Jeremie here <<