😱 Amazon Fires 3 Lawsuits Against Affiliate Marketers

Amazon fired 3 lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan and Texas to stop fraudulent affiliate marketing schemes.

The schemes spammed email addresses with Amazon branded-emails to entice link clicks.

Traffic was then direct to other online marketers operating phony Amazon-branded surveys.

In a separate scheme involving Ryan Becker, Jeff Skeldum, Marc Barnum, and Steve Vernikov, the bad actors said they:

“Acknowledge Amazon’s strong interest in protecting consumers from deceptive advertising and agree to refrain from using Amazon’s trademarks or brand in any internet marketing”

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[Infographic] 88 Compelling Words and Phrases That Prompt Visitors into Action

Ashlyn Writes shares 88 words and phrases to boost your performance in this infographic.

Broken down by the following sections:

– Imply exclusivity
– Imply scarcity
– Lower risk
– Power words

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 “Waking up and getting up are two entirely different negotiations.” / u/halfcow
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Why You Should Be Using Google Discovery Campaigns

Google announces a worldwide roll-out of its Discovery Ads.

What are Discovery Ads?

A visual ad format that runs across the Google Discover Feed – shown on the home page of the Google app or the homepage on mobile, Youtube’s home feed and Gmail.

The format focuses on large, visually rich experiences and its core focus are audience interests, similar to audiences and interest targeting on social networks.

Experts are seeing great results despite the low conversion rates:

“What we’ve seen are very low CPCs (like less than $0.20), and high CTRs (5% and above). Conversion rates are relatively low (usually less than 1%) but because the clicks are so cheap, you’ll still end up with a very profitable cost per conversion.”

“Our CPLs were around 25% less than that of our other display and YouTube campaigns.” – Amy Bishop, Owner at Cultivative Marketing

Not Your Ordinary Campaign Guide!

There are campaign guides… and then there are CAMPAIGN GUIDES 🙂 We have both on STM, but the one I wanna point your attention to, is kinda special. Why you might ask? Cause it’s utilizing approach that was supposed to be dead, long time ago.

Direct Linking… remember what that used to mean? The OGs do, the new affiliates probably don’t, but this is what we refer to as the good old times. No landing pages, no pre selling… just buy the click, send it to the offer and profit.

And while we all kinda believe this approach won’t work anymore, one of the STM mods brings you proof that it still can perform well enough. $7000+ in revenue, using “international” offers, directlinking… the perfect method for any newbie.

If you’re gonna miss this one, we can’t help you anymore, sorry…

>> Preview the thread here <<

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