YouTube Ecommerce Ads 202% Revenue

The eternal debate: Facebook vs Google. Here’s how it works for both giants:

Facebook — you generate demand via social.
Google — you capture demand via search.

Google excels at capturing people in the middle or bottom of your ecommerce funnel. But this limited thinking leaves a lot of revenue on the table – not only in terms of traditional Google Ads or Google Shopping but YouTube, Display, and Discovery.

Lucky for you, Common Thread Collective set off to prove everyone wrong with a case study. They claim “The real payoff is new growth through profitable prospecting on (gasp) YouTube.

We’ll spare you the details, here’s the gist of the case study:

I”n Mar., month over month Shopify and Amazon revenue rose 202%. Google spend increased 524%, while Facebook spend actually decreased by 23%.

In addition, spend on brand search rocketed 6x.

To see winning creatives, the exact audiences to target and what budgets to use, be sure to read the full case study.

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[SPONSORED] Gratogana, the best pick for Spanish Players

NetoPartners, the affiliate program behind Gratogana, the Spanish Brand for slots, scratch cards & instant win games, shows once more that it knows how to adapt to the Spanish casino market, that according to (DGOJ) Spain’s Q1 2021, GGR was 10.2 per cent higher than last year!

With this context, Gratogana surprised us recently by adding Chinese themed games and in addition, they will be launching Live Dealer games from Evolution toward September.

On top of that, by promoting Gratogana you will benefit from:

1. Unique games that your players will love & can’t be found anywhere else
2. Easy registration & top payment methods that leads to better conversion
3. Local license & regulation that brings stability in the market
4. Taylor made deals that will fit your traffic needs.
5. 24/7 affiliate manager support.
6. Fast & secure payments

Join the Gratogana NetoPartners Affiliate program today and get 50% RV in your first month!

TikTok Adds New ‘Shoutouts’ Option

TikTok has added a new Shoutouts feature in the app which lets fans pay to have platform stars send them personalized messages.

Users are able to pay in TikTok coins and the creator has 3 days to accept the shoutout and a week to create the clip.

What are TikTok coins?

In case you missed it, TikTok last year added Live Gifting last year enabling fans to send out virtual gifts to their favourite creators, which is done by purchasing virtual coins inside the app.

Think, Twitch…instead it’s TikTok. And if you don’t know how Twitch works…you’re probably getting old. Keep up.

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Question Of The Week On STM : CPC, CPA or Smart CPM, which will be profitable?

One of our members asked an interesting question this week. Let’s paste it here in full, exactly as it has been posted on the STM Forum:


I am diving in the topic which is general in knowledge but have great significance making a campaign successful. I am in this forum since some time but I am also in learning phase and wanted to know how these 3 forms of pricing model is responsible for making any push campaign successful or not so successful.

What type of offers should be tested in which pricing models? So, Looking forward for suggestions and I am sure this is gonna help others too, who is having confusions on what pricing model to use like me..

Alrighty, is there even a possible “correct” answer here? Well, not really since the profitability of the campaign doesn’t depend on the bidding model only. It does play a role of course, but there are more important factors that have a direct impact on the performance.

But anyways, several members chimed in to provide support and clear the confusion that the OP was struggling with. Wondering what the difference is between the mentioned bidding model and how the CPA system actually works? Check the thread linked below.

>> Check the thread here <<

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