is launching TikTok-style feed in bet on social commerce

(Image source: Bloomberg) is launching TikTok-style feed in bet on social commerce has launched a TikTok-style service that will let shoppers buy merchandise from a curated feed of photos and video.

The world’s largest e-commerce company on Thursday said the new feature, called Inspire, will roll out to select US customers in early December and go national in the next few months.

“In just a few taps, customers can discover new products or get inspiration on what to buy, all tailored to their interests, and then shop for those items on Amazon,” said Oliver Messenger, the director of Amazon Shopping.

Amazon’s new Inspire service, which will appear as a light bulb-shaped icon on the app, will invite shoppers to select from more than 20 interests, including make-up, pets and gaming, which will then be used to tailor their feeds. Shoppers will be able to purchase merchandise posted by other customers, brands and influencers.

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