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🤑 How Much Can 1.9 Million Followers on Instagram Make You?

As per Hopper HQ, Kylie Jenner currently charges $1.2 million per sponsored post on Instagram. Closely followed by Ariana Grande and Christiano Ronaldo at about $1 million per post each.

What’s equally interesting on Intstagram are curation accounts (profiles built featuring other people’s work). Here are a few examples:

@pinlord, a hub for enamel pin enthusiasts.
@beautifuldestinations, a travel photography page.
@houseofhighlights, a sports highlights curator.

Matt Lane runs one such account over at @goldenretrievers with 1.9 million followers. The account posts nothing but Golden Retreieves, as the name suggests.

However, last year Matt decided to stop all monetization.


A couple of reasons, but first let’s get to the point and see how much he made in total from 3 income streams:

1. Sponsorships: $25,000 through 3 different influencer agencies.
2. E-commerce projects: $10,000 through apparel sales for an attempt at his own brand called This Golden Life
3. #1 best-selling iMessage sticker pack: $1,000 lifetime earnings. Managed to beat the industry giant Pusheen for a day by topping the charts.

That’s a total of about $36,000 in under four years of running @goldenretrievers.

Matt says the most promising route for monetization is selling your own products.

Two great examples of this are @beautifuldestinations (built a seven-figure marketing agency through their account) and @dogsofinstagram (leveraged their audience to launch Lucy & Co., a successful dog apparel line)

Technically, Matt says he could make about $8,500/month if he starts doing aggressive shout-outs and paid features.

But what’s the problem?

The account won’t last long before its followers deem it as spammy due to constant promotions. Curation accounts are “fool’s gold”: easy to build, but worth very little. Unless you use them to launch something 100% unique.

And that’s why Matt pivoted to driving followers through goldenretrievers to his new art project, Sunny the Golden, where eventually he plans to sell Sunny apparel.

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LinkedIn Ads Strategies, Myths & Advertising Opportunities [PODCAST]

This cool podcast discusses LinkedIn ads in detail, go check it out.

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Push Traffic From South Africa + Crypto Offer = Profit 🙂

Quite a few affiliate networks and traffic sources are posting case studies on the forum. To be honest, a large part of these are just an advertising attempt, hidden inside a wall of text with questionable quality. But it’s not always the case.

For example, the one that got posted this week, is quite interesting. Push traffic, ZA as the GEO and a crypto offer that pays on deposit. The final result, $1235 in profit with a very nice ROI of 40% over the course of 3 weeks.

The important details have been shared too… targeting settings, optimization tips, some samples of the creatives and even a screenshot of the landing page used. And the best part, it was quite a recent campaign that was still running last month.

Ever thought about running crypto offers in African countries? Check the study out, it might give you a few ideas 🙂

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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