12 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate in Google Ads

In this detailed guide, WordStream shows us how to strive for an above-average CTR in Google ads.

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Why does CTR matter in Google Ads?

The click-through rate is a tricky PPC metric because, while it improves your Quality Score, you’re also paying for each click. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

When High CTR is Good

A high Google Ads click-through rate is beneficial because it indicates that your ad copy is appealing to your target audience.

However, there is a deeper benefit to the way Google Ads work. Higher quality ads are rewarded with higher positions and lower cost per click by the Google Ads algorithm. Why? Because Google does not make money if no one clicks on its ads, it prioritizes the ads that are most likely to succeed.

And how does Google assess ad quality? Its Quality Score formula remains a mystery, but we do know its three main components:

    • Relevance of the ad and landing page to the keyword.
    • The landing page user experience.
    • Your expected CTR.

The higher your CTR, the higher your expected CTR, and the higher your Quality Score. Higher Quality Score leads to higher Ad Rank. Ads that rank higher get clicked more at lower costs. The lower your cost per click, the lower your cost per action.

Whats a Good CTR

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For many industries the average CTR is between 4-6%. An above-averate CTR would be something like 7-9%. If youre in travel, automotive sales, or real estate industries youd want to strive for 10-12% CTRs (above the 7-9% averages). If youre in the arts and entertainment industry where the average CTR is almost 11%, youx be looking at 13% or higher.

Heres a quick recap of the 12 ways to increase your CTRs.

  1. Target the right keywords
  2. Use negative keywords
  3. Narrow your audience targeting
  4. Keep it simple and skimmable
  5. Actually have a CTA
  6. Put a special offer in your headline
  7. Put your main keyword in your display path
  8. Create emotional ads
  9. Use dynamic keyword insertion, but dont overuse it
  10. Use, but dont rely on ad extensions
  11. Test more ads
  12. Pause the bottom third of your account

Go In-Depth On The Full List Here

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The New Google Ads Destination Requirements Policy: What You Need to Know

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Table of contents

What is the new Google Ads Destination requirements policy?

The short and simple version:

Basically, starting in October of 2022, any of your ads that lead to landing pages with additional adsin particular, annoying, disruptive, or insecure adswill be disapproved.

Google has always had policies in place for this, but what constitutes one of these experiences will now be defined according to the Better Ads Standards (more on this in a bit). Theres also a tool available to you to help you identify and replace experiences on your site that violate this policy (more on this also in a bit).

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