Google Tests AI To Optimize Ad Targeting Without Third-Party Cookies

Image source: MarketingDaily


In terms of the percentage change in reported metrics utilizing AI in Google Ads, the tests demonstrate a drop of 1.654% when compared to using third-party cookies.

Without AI, studies reveal an average reduction of 7.248%. When comparing conversions per dollar, the experiments demonstrate a 0.454% reduction using AI-powered optimization. Without AI, tests revealed a 2.446% reduction. When comparing conversion rates, AI-powered optimization results in a 1.899% drop. The tests reveal a decrease of 1.132% without AI. Click-through rates decreased by 8.043% with AI and 8.256% without.

The percentage change in reported metric, advertiser spend, was 0.24% lower with AI-powered optimization and 0.08% lower without employing Display & Video.

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