The Top Video Marketing Tactics (+Which Are Losing Steam)

Video marketing is becoming increasingly important to the success of a brand. If you’re a marketer trying to develop the best video marketing strategy for your company, you should be aware of the top video marketing tactics in which companies are investing their time and money. 

Fortunately, the HubSpot Blog recently surveyed over 500 marketers worldwide about their video marketing tactics, what appears to be working, and which tactics should be reconsidered.

Most Used VIdeo Marketing Tactics

Short-Form Video

In our survey, we discovered that short-form video leads are being used by 58% of marketers. Short-form videos also outperform in terms of ROI, engagement, and lead generation. Nearly half (46%) of marketers plan to use short-form videos for the first time in 2022, with 36% investing more than any other format. 

These figures are not surprising given that 46% of video marketers believe short-form videos are more likely to go viral.

Long-Form Video

Long-form videos rank second in terms of usage, with 37% of marketers utilizing the format. In terms of ROI, lead generation, and engagement, this format ranks second. According to our survey, 36% of marketers intend to use long-form videos for the first time in 2022, with 18% investing more than any other type of video. 

According to 36% of marketers, the ideal length of a long-form video is three to six minutes. TikTok, for example, is beginning to embrace long-form videos; in fact, the app now allows 10-minute videos. This could be because long-form videos continue to receive a lot of attention.

According to our survey, 38% of long-form marketing videos have an average watch percentage of 41% to 60%. We also discovered that 25% of long-form videos have an average watch time between 61% and 80%. Finally, 22% have an average watch time ranging between 21% and 40%.

Video marketing on social media (and YouTube in particular) reveal some peculiar stats. The least used video marketing tactics will surprise you (hello UGC).

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The Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising for Ecommerce Businesses [2022 update]

Here’s why you should (and then we’ll get into the specifics of how) advertise your brand on Twitter, Buy Button or not.

Why You Should Consider Twitter Advertising

Are you utilizing Twitter Ads to increase brand awareness and demand? You ought to be.

Twitter users shop online 6.9 times per month on average, while non-users shop online only 4.3 times per month. And there’s especially good news for small businesses: Twitter reports that 60% of users buy from an SMB.

Aside from direct conversion, Twitter is a popular resource for customers at various stages of the purchasing process. Nearly half (49%) of female Twitter users say Twitter content has influenced their purchasing decisions, but only 7% have made a purchase via Twitter.

In contrast, 17 percent of men reported purchasing something directly from a Tweet in their timeline in a BigCommerce survey. 

Twitter is prime real estate for brands looking to increase conversion, revenue, and social proof, according to the data (e.g., customer reviews via social media).

The advertising platform caters to a wide range of interests and demographics, with a particular focus on college-educated audiences under the age of 50. Some 36% of Twitter users visit the site on a daily basis, with 22% visiting several times a day. 

Your Twitter Advertising Options

Twitter offers objective-based campaigns, in which brands only pay for the actions that align with their goals and expand their reach. Those goals are often to gain:

  • New followers
  • Website clicks or conversions
  • App installations or engagements
  • Tweet engagements (retweets, favorites, replies, etc.)
  • Leads on Twitter

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Doing Any Content Marketing? Where To Post?

So let’s say you’ve just written a great article and now you need the eyeballs for it… where to get them? This was more or less the question posted by one of our members, here it is in full:

Here is my strategy: We create some organic content, include our links in the article, then we post it online to drive traffic and push up in serps. We can create some organic content in our niche every day, but we don’t know where to post those contents. Is there any software which have a big list of content website and then automatically post to them? If not, where can we get a list which can accept our content?

Few years ago, the strategy would have been clear… head to article submission sites and drop your content there. But what about these days when most article submissions sites have no traffic left or closed the shop for good?

There are still some ways that you can explore. Check the thread to find out more, link is below:

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