9 Best Tiktok Ads That Can Help You Level Up Your Marketing

(Image source: TikTok Creative Center)

You’ll notice patterns after studying some of the best TikTok ad examples. That is when you will realize how TikTok campaigns work. And, with TikTok rising as the new video king, you’d better put on your thinking cap.

I’ve compiled a list of the top nine recent TikTok ads. I’ll explain what they’re doing well and how they’re increasing engagement.

(Here are the first 3, you’ll find the rest on Niche Pursuits)

Rocket Money

One of the most successful TikTok advertisements I’ve seen of late is the short ad for Rocket Money. It’s in the Financial Service industry, and it got 136,331 likes within 30 days. The purpose of this ad is to get users to install their app. And they’ve been pretty successful at it.

It’s a great example of what an in-feed ad should look like.


This TikTok ad has an apparent message. It shows clear benefits of why a user should download the app, gives pretty specific stats, and touches on a certain pain point. That’s why it’s one of the better in-feed ads.

But the voiceover is clearly ai-generated. Now, i have nothing against ai voiceovers. But the user engagement would’ve been much better if it were a human voice.

(Image source: TikTok Creative Center)

Get the stats on how this ad performed here!

Adventure Chef

Adventure Chef’s collaboration with popular musicians The Band McMillan shows us the true power of influencer marketing. It’s about two siblings where the elder sister thinks her younger brother is cheating on his girlfriend.

Turns out, he is cheating with a game – Adventure Chef.


It’s a classic example of creators who can place products in a non-intrusive and entertaining way. At first, it looks like a normal TikTok video. But you get to see the product at the very end. And the creators never even tell people to download or play the game. They just play it themselves and have fun.

A natural-looking TikTok ad like this can get you tons of engagement. Plus, it blends in nicely with what TikTok users see every day. So, there’s little chance that they’re going to get their defenses up.

(Image source: TikTok Creative Center)

Disney Bundle

Well, Disney has so many Tiktok in-feed ads and such a huge fan following that we can’t put our fingers on a specific ad and say that it’s created all the magic. But this one stands out to me because of its vibrant colors and characters.


While there are a ton of Disney’s in-feed ads, this one feels natural. And it’s pretty colorful to boot. The color, character, voice, and animation all come together and make this ad stand out among all the in-feed ads that Disney keeps sending our way.

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Ecommerce Product Releases: November 2, 2022

Image Source: PracticalEcommerce

Here is a list of product releases and updates for late October from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on payment solutions, digital advertising, ecommerce platforms, pop-up retail, rewards programs, live commerce, and more.

Ecommerce Product Releases

Amazon now offers Pay with Venmo. Amazon announced it would begin offering Venmo as a payment option for orders placed on its website and mobile app. This payment method will give Amazon customers more choices during checkout and provide Venmo users with another way to shop for holiday gifts using their accounts. The Venmo payment option will be available to all U.S. customers by Black Friday.

Paying with Venmo

AdRoll launches rewards program for Shopify merchants. AdRoll, a marketing and advertising platform for direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands, has announced a new rewards program partnership with Shopify. The program gives Shopify merchants 10% back for any spend on AdRoll’s web advertising. The program will start on November 1, and Shopify merchants on AdRoll’s Ads package or Marketing & Ads Plus package will automatically be enrolled.

Walmart launches a new content creator platform. Walmart announced the launch of a new platform for creators to monetize shoppable products. Creators who sign up will have access to thousands of products and can earn commissions on the sales they refer with no cap. Creators can share product links to any social platform or group of their choice, receive product recommendations based on interests and affinities, and collect valuable performance data to help grow their community and following.

Smart shopping app Karma launches Pay with Karma. Karma, the fintech app that helps shoppers scan coupons and get price drop notifications, has launched Pay with Karma. The new embedded checkout gives shoppers a simplified, one-swipe purchase point across different retailers with multiple payment options. Powered by top global payment providers such as Stripe, Pay with Karma features flexible payment options, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and interest-free installment plans.


PayPal launches new rewards program. PayPal has announced the introduction of Rewards, a new program that allows consumers to shop, earn, track, save, and redeem points. PayPal Rewards connects the app’s merchant offers, cash-back savings, and shopping products into one experience. Customers can combine rewards earned across multiple PayPal products and shopping experiences, including the PayPal app and the Honey extension.

Shoplazza ecommerce platform launches to North America at Disrupt. Shoplazza, a global shopping cart software-as-as-service provider, officially launched in North America at TechCrunch Disrupt. Shoplazza introduced its all-in-one ecommerce capabilities and expanded its partner network with tech startups at the event. The current ecosystem of Shoplazza partners involves five categories: strategy, shipping and fulfillment, product sourcing and print-on-demand, payment, and marketing. Partners and developers worldwide can leverage Shoplazza’s pool of global merchants to grow and expand.

Signifyd launches Fearless Payments. Signifyd, a fraud prevention platform, has launched Fearless Payments, a suite of tools to help payment service providers increase authorization rates while lowering operating costs and providing customers with a financial guarantee against chargebacks. The payment platform allows PSPs to provide security to merchants — with automated risk decision-making, authorization rate optimization, guaranteed chargeback protection and recovery, and dynamic exemption management.

Signifyd – Fearless Payments

Workflow Labs launches HelpDesk to Amazon sellers. Workflow Labs, a company focused on automated software for online businesses, has launched HelpDesk, a workflow management tool for Amazon sellers. HelpDesk will function as a dashboard allowing businesses operating on Amazon to reduce time on repetitive tasks.

Emplifi delivers innovative Live Commerce tools. Emplifi, a customer experience platform, has released three live-commerce features: Calls from Social, Live Care, and Augmented Reality. The features will enhance the online shopping experience for consumers at every stage of the buying journey. Calls from Social facilitates live video calls from social browsers. With Live Care, brands can scale and improve their customer service with live video. With the Augmented Reality screen-sharing capability, brands can empower their sales associates to showcase products in a shopper’s own home for a more personalized experience.

Popable and Walmart join forces to help small retailers. Popable, a pop-up shop marketplace platform connecting brands and spaces for short-term retail leasing, and Walmart have announced a partnership for small businesses to rent retail space in Walmart stores across the country without being committed to a long-term lease.

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