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🤳 $1 Billion App in 2 Years – Instagram’s Roots

Ever wondered how Instagram came to be?

Here’s a brief story of how it all began.

After leaving Google frustrated, Kevin Systrom decided to focus on his first app startup – NextStop, a location recommendation app startup.

In the late 2000s, check-in apps lead by Foursquare were all the rage.

“I didn’t have a specific idea in mind… I mean, the idea was basically to start a check-in app… Who wasn’t starting a check-in app at that time? […] It was probably the worst idea we could’ve been working on at the time.”

A hostel in Mexico seemed like the right place to pursue his idea so Kevin bought 2 tickets – one for himself and one for his girlfriend.

Little did he know that second ticket would turn out to be the best investment he ever made.

Kevin’s first baby – Burbn – looked great on paper and netted him a $500,000 investment.

What was Burbn’s idea?

A check-in app that allowed people to post photos and videos along with their check-ins.

Burbn turned out easy to build but even easier to forget – with just about 80 people joining the app in 9 months.

Kevin had to do something – people were enthusiastic location-sharers but the app just wasn’t growing.

And this is where Kevin’s girlfriend comes in and that second ticket begins paying off.

“During their Mexico trip, Kevin asked his girlfriend why she didn’t post any pictures on Burbn. She said that her iPhone 4 photos didn’t look as good as some of Kevin’s friends’.“

“She goes ‘oh, well, you should probably add filters.’ We came back from that walk, I went straight to the room, got on my laptop and I made the first filter, which was X-Pro II.”

Within the following weeks, Burbn was stripped down of all features except photo sharing.

The app was downloaded 25,000 times on day one.

>> That’s how Instagram came to be – but you should go see Kevin’s key takeaways and his 2 favourite books he recommends you read ASAP <<

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ARTICLE 3Facebook’s Playable Cloud Gaming Ads

Recently Facebook announced the beta launch for cloud-streamed games on Facebook Gaming alongside cloud playable ads and several gaming and advertising partners.

There are roughly 380 million people playing games monthly on Facebook, as of August 2020.

Game demos being the most effective way to effective ads to reach players, Facebook has launched playable HTML 5 ads.

These ads give players a better sense of the games before committing to a purchase.

“Cloud playable ads beta partners include 2K, FunPlus, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, Gram Games, Rovio, and Wildlife Studios.”

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