How ChatGPT Complements Google Ads

Image source: HubSpot

Pay-per-click advertising can be supplemented with artificial intelligence. In this piece, I’ll go over those applications, focusing on ChatGPT and Google Ads.

Campaign Organization

Assume I’m working on an advertisement for Best Buy’s laptop laptops. Based on the landing page for those items from Best Buy, I ask ChatGPT:

Based on this page:, I’d want to construct a Google Ads campaign for laptops. What should the names of my ad groups be?

ChatGPT’s suggestions are a start, but they aren’t sufficiently segmented. Best Buy’s website contains additional laptop categories, including:

  • “Business laptops”
  • “Refurbished laptops”
  • “Dell laptops”

Here is my follow-up prompt:

There are more categories of laptops on this page. Can you create additional groups?

ChatGPT generated more suggestions — fewer than I anticipated but enough to work with. I can use these ad groups and expand on them as necessary.

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