10 Snapchat Ads Strategies, Tips, and Resources

Snapchat’s 293 million daily active users mean it should be on your radar. Not only does it have a huge userbase but engagement levels are off the chart: people open the app 30 times a day on average, over 75% of 13 to 34-year-olds in the U.S. use the app and over 5 billion snaps are created per day.

That said, Neil Patel has 10 Snapchat ads strategies, tips and resources for you.

Here’s a super-short summary below:

1. Add polls to your Snapchat ads because they increase engagement. They don’t have polls natively integrated but you can use something like Polly.

2. Link your Snapchat ads to the correct landing page. Duh.

3. Write catchy copy. Use great visual, a short and snappy message (what’s the purpose of the ad) and an enticing CTA. Gen Z and millenials have short attention spans, so present your offer within the first 2 seconds of the ad, as Snapchat recommends.

4. Use Snapchat’s split-testing. Duh.

5. Use the Shoppable AR lens feature. 94 percent of people expect to use AR for shopping, it’s one of Snapchat’s most valuable features.

6. Use audience insights. Specifically open up the ‘Interests’ tab.

7. Use User-Generated Content. 79% of users said UGC impacts their purchasing decisions.

8. Choose the right ad format to match your Snapchat ad goаls. That would be sales and conversions for us MRKTRs.

9. Design your ads with sound. 64% of ads are watched with sound on.

10. Use Goal-Based Bidding. You’ll see better CPAs.

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Some verticals have done incredibly well during the pandemic – and are projected to grow throughout Q3 and beyond.


Consumers have gotten into the habit of purchasing online during the pandemic.

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Finances Online projects that by 2024, online dating service users will grow from 30.4 to 35 million in the US alone.  

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According to Mordor Intelligence, the Casino vertical is growing at almost 12% per year!

Affiliates working with VIP Response are experiencing extremely high conversion rates from various casino brands.


Given the state of the world, loans are regaining popularity.  Health insurance, life insurance, and funeral offers are thriving during this public health crisis.  Auto insurance is also soaring.  

And these offers are easy to convert for affiliates.


As cryptocurrencies continue to gain favor with investors, affiliate networks continue to provide more offers.

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Ecommerce Product Releases: Aug 2, 2021

A list of product releases (lazy link dump) and updates for late July from companies that offers services to online merchants.

Shopify introduces Inbox for customer chat.

BigCommerce and Mercado Libre partner to power cross-border ecommerce growth.

GoDaddy introduces Studio for SMBs.

BigCommerce acquires Feedonomics.

Twitter launches Shop Module to let users shop from profiles.

Astound Commerce expands partnership with Klarna for flexible payment options.

Pinterest introduces new ways for creators to earn money and partner with brands.

Walmart offers technologies and capabilities to other businesses and announces a partnership with Adobe.

Google releases new ways to find deals and shop.

Mercari announces nationwide delivery partnership with Uber to expand its no-meetup Local Marketplace.

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We’ll let their intro sell itself:

“Chris and Ricky, we’re what you call reformed degenerates. We’re young and hungry. Early 20s to be exact.

Been lurking on these forums for a little bit and was inspired by Scott’s Follow Along.

A little background before we get into the juicy stuff. (Don’t worry, we’ll try to keep this short bullet point montage style.)

Can’t speak for all of you but we have the attention span of a dog at a neighborhood park.

Tiktok had an ads platform and we understood how to make creatives and why the good ones did well. Sounds like the best of both worlds?

That about sums up our experience. No more “shiny object syndrome” and no more running away when it gets tough.

We’re going to master Tiktok ads or die trying.”

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