13 AI Chatbots for Business

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The recent release of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s massive chatbot, has opened many people’s eyes to the possibilities of artificial intelligence in business. ChatGPT created an advertisement for actor Ryan Reynolds and his Mint Mobile. BuzzFeed recently announced plans to use ChatGPT to create content and quizzes.

While the generative tool is new, it has a wide range of potential business applications, including SEO and ecommerce conversions. It is also capable of automating aspects of customer service.

Here is a list of platforms where you can build a chatbot for your company. Some are built using drag-and-drop, while others require basic coding. Several companies offer free plans and discounts.

Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform. Its chatbot tool helps enterprise businesses deliver personalized experiences on a website, via SMS, and in social channels. With Ada’s no-code integrations, brands can access all data sources and client-facing channels to create shopping interactions at scale. According to Forbes, Ada has partnered with OpenAI to use GPT-3.5, the large language model behind ChatGPT, to improve Ada’s abilities with customer intent, enabling the bot to formulate and improve answers on its own. Contact for pricing.

IBM Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform for customer care. Watson Assistant is built on machine learning and natural language processing models to understand questions, find or search for the best answers, and complete the user’s intended action through simulated conversations. Watson also uses intent classification and entity recognition to understand customers in context to transfer to a human agent when needed. Deep learning models automatically adapt to the host business based on the sentences provided as training data. Price: Lite plan is free. Premium plans start at $140 per month.

Pandorabots is an online service for building and deploying chatbots via Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. Write AIML scripts in any natural language. Own and download the code and deploy it to messaging or voice channels. Easily add speech-to-text and text-to-speech. Customize open-source chitchat libraries and real-time animation integrations. Pandorabots has  275,000 registered developers and 325,000 created chatbots. It offers a do-it-yourself version and, also, full services for turnkey development. Price: Basic is free. Plans start at $19 per month.

Drift is a conversational marketing platform for customer service and lead generation. Drift’s AI-powered chatbots engage, qualify, and convert buyers from any page on your website. Customize greetings, conversations, and routing based on specific audience segments. Empower customers to find answers, and deflect low-level issues to focus on high-priority tasks. Schedule sales meetings with visitors. Track and measure key business metrics. Drift’s startup program offers reduced pricing for companies with fewer than 50 employees and under $15 million in funding. Price: Contact for pricing.

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