$20k/month (easy) Selling Illegal Street Cocktails

The Nutcracker is a fruity, frozen, alcoholic concoction responsible for $20k/month in profit (easy) from illegal operations for one witty hustler.

Meet the hustler in question, 35-year-old Amseshem Foluké, now attempting to take his operation fully legal.

Read his entire story here.

Selling these drinks, as it turns out, isn’t that much different from running a startup.

Here’s a bit of background as to how nutcrackers rose to popularity:

“It was invented sometime around 1993 by José Chu, a restaurant manager at an uptown Chino-Latino restaurant.

With the help of a local drug dealer named Juice, Chu concocted what GrubStreet called “a multilayered sensation, with the tart, tooth-dissolving sweetness of Jolly Ranchers and the deep, viscous finish of cough syrup.”

The name, “nutcracker,” was derived from an NYC Ballet commercial.

Dominican-American entrepreneurs — hairdressers, promoters, and ex-felons — soon saw a business opportunity and began to sell nutcrackers on the streets of Washington Heights for $10 a bottle.

The drink became an underground sensation, and its early sellers were soon minting up to $1k per day peddling them at bodegas, barbershops, parades, and busy intersections.”

“As the nutcracker market grew on the streets of NYC, the state passed the so-called “nutcracker bill,” promising to crack down on those who sold the drinks. Vendors were issued tickets ranging from $250 to $500 and were occasionally booked in jail for a night.

Foluké got booked a few times himself — though he says the police generally let him be.”

$20k a month

Here’s how Foluké got to the big bucks.

“He’d start his day by loading up on $500 of Hennessey and Patron at the Liquor & Wine Warehouse in the Bronx. Then, it was on to Walmart, to buy Tampico and other juices, before picking up the bottles that a friend has slapped pre-made labels on.

Back at home, he’d concoct his mix and freeze 300-400 bottles overnight.

During the lucrative summer months, he’d repeat this process daily, sometimes shooting through a weekend with only a few hours of sleep.”

“In a month with all sun and no rain, I was clearing $20k a month easy,” he says. One big festival alone could net him as much as $7k in a weekend.”

Last summer, he showed up to a park concert with 8 friends — who he calls his “Shaba Gang” — only to find 10 other nutcracker sellers already working the entry line.

>> Go see what Foluké did to entirely bypass the entry like nutcracker sellers and and selling $600 worth of drinks in 20 minutes <<

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Nothing wrong with that question for sure… after all, everyone wants to know what to prepare for. The problem is, there really isn’t an easy answer to this one. We’ve seen it all over the years… some people make it in a month, some need 6 months, some never make it at all. The key is to stay persistent and not give up because honestly, it can take a long time.

We have a great example for you today! A forum member using the nickname “jeffff” just posted an update to his forum along, the first reply since April! And guess what? He finally made it! See his reply below:

Hey I know I haven’t posted in a bit, but wanted to wrap this follow along up because I finally had my first $XXX day this month. Learned a ton with pop traffic, but ultimately applied that to other traffic sources to finally find some green. Took me a long time, but proof that if you stick with it, you’ll eventually find your first $XXX day too!

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