7 Crucial Ecommerce Metrics You Should Be Tracking Right Now


Ecommerce store owners have access to a wealth of data. 

The total number of sales per day, week, and month. The total cost of all items purchased. Abandonment of the cart. Rates of purchase-to-detail. Dropouts from the funnel – the list goes on and on. 

But you don’t want to get lost in the vast amounts of information available. 

These seven ecommerce metrics will make tracking the success of your store a breeze.

We’ll throw in a quick summary, and the rest you can read here.

  1. Sales Conversion Rate

Your ecommerce sales conversion rate is, simply put, the percentage of people who visit your online store or page who make a purchase.

To calculate your conversion rate, use the following formula:

2. Website Traffic

Once you’ve tracked and optimized your conversion rate, you can then look at bringing more people to your ecommerce store.  This is where measuring website traffic comes in.

3. Email Opt-In Rate

Even in today’s social media age, email marketing continues to be one of the most important tools for ecommerce, particularly when it comes to remarketing and generating repeat business.

Based on over 3.2 billion sessions, Sumo puts the average email opt-in rate at 1.95%.

Similar to website traffic, the idea is to get as many people on your email list, even if they don’t necessarily purchase your products right away.

4. Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) measures the total amount of what you earn from an average customer over their lifetime.  For example, if a typical customer makes six transactions, each one worth $30, throughout their life, your CLV would be $180.

5. Average Order Value

As the name suggests, your average order value refers to the average value of each purchase made in your store.

To calculate yours, simply divide the sum value of all sales by the number of carts.

5. Average Order Value

As the name suggests, your average order value refers to the average value of each purchase made in your store.

To calculate yours, simply divide the sum value of all sales by the number of carts.

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TikTok Adds Auto-Generated Captions for Viewers, Several Translation Options


TikTok introduced auto-captions in April 2021 in order to help members of its community who are deaf or hard of hearing better enjoy videos on its platform and gain more context on those videos, and Thursday, the video creation platform rolled out more tools along those lines. 

Auto-generated captions were updated so that viewers now have the option to turn on closed captions for videos, rather than only giving creators that option.


And translations were added for captions, text stickers and video descriptions so that users can enjoy content on the platform that is not in their native language.


The initial group of languages that will be supported in all of the new features introduced Thursday includes English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

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