🌈 Cool Apple Watch Bands 5x ROAS

Braxton Manley started his “cool Apple Watch bands” store, got a $5,000 grant from University and, fast forward to 2021, he’s now selling eight sizes and 25 or more designs.

Sales soared.

The store, Braxley Bands, evokes a super cool retro 80s vibe.

Notice just how extremely simple the entire store and design is – yet people love it, and they buy.

Ecom newbies take notes 📝

You don’t need any fancy stores when simple = better.

good angle coupled with a good product and simple ads = profit.

In fact, their best-performing traffic sources have been Snapchat and TikTok – “The key is to keep it simple.”

The Supreme Spring Surprise

(1) Sponsors

If you’ve heard about Supreme Media (and we’re pretty sure you have). Then you’ll know they love a good sponsorship. They’re everywhere. In fact they are even sponsoring the upcoming Hookah Event by Conversion Club this week on the 5th in Kiev, Ukraine. As well as the upcoming “Extreme Event” also in Kiev on 20.04.2021.If you’re looking for sponsors and think you’d like the chance to work with them then make sure you get in touch.

(2) Supreme Media are going “LIVE”.

Supreme Media are joining forces with Attila Odree of iAmAffiliate. They will be launching their brand new podcast later this month and it’s going to be full of tips, advice, news, and all things Affiliation. Make sure you’re following them on Facebook to keep up with upcoming events.


Title: The Supreme Affiliate Bundle

That’s right Supreme Media have put together the official “Newbie Promo Bundle” Just for you newbies.

What Can You expect?

This Promo will include the following

  1. Traffic Source – Zeropark – 10% extra credits.
  2. Spy Tool – Visto – 50% off sign up : Promocode:
  3. Accounts – Farmer Jack – Discounted Accounts Available
  4. Tracker – RedTrack – 25% during first three months

Contact A Supreme Media Affiliate Manager Today To Hear More

(4) Enter Spring with New Tesla

Supreme Media are giving away a brand new Tesla to their affiliates .If you’re not already, then Sign Up Now with Supreme Media now and send 500 FTD’s in the month of April to win your brand new Tesla.

Facebook Adds New Features for INTL Women’s Day – Including Multi-Participant Live Streams

Facebook’s adding a range of new features for INTL Women’s day and the biggest one is multi-participant live streams.

As per Facebook:

“Beginning March 1st, creators and others can go live on Instagram with up to three other people with the launch of Live Rooms. During Women’s History Month, tune in to Live discussions with influential women and creators on how women can help each other overcome obstacles and succeed.”

As per the screenshots — you’ll be able to invite connections into your Live Rooms. When you send a request the user will be notified via a drop-down notification.

This could prove useful in providing new ways to build stronger connections with your IG audience.

>> See the full piece here <<

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What’s Working In Affiliate Marketing Report 2021 Is Ready!

The time has come, again! After weeks of hard work, we’re pleased to announce that our annual industry report is ready for download 🙂 Lot’s of effort went into compiling this year’s edition and we’re pretty sure it’s our best report to date!

The “What’s Working In AM Report, 2021” is more than 300 pages long and contains insights from over 80 participants. We made sure to include people from all parts of our industry, to provide useful information for all types of online marketers and affiliates.

Want to know what works in AM right now? Would you like to find out what verticals are in and which ones are showing decline? Want to know what AD formats and traffic types are rocking? It’s ALL in the report.

Honestly, if there’s just one e-book you should read this year, it’s our WW Report! Last year’s edition reached 12.000 downloads, let’s see if we can beat it this year 🙂

>> Download the report here <<

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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