? Swiss Alps, Switzerland

❗️Deep Work is not easy to achieve. But is crucial if you want to live an efficient and successful digital nomad life. It enables us to focus on vital tasks and smash them out quickly. ? Freeing up time for hitting the slopes or beach. ?
Here’s a 8 steps to nailing Deep work sessions:
1. Understand how you work: Choose one of the “depth philosophies” which best suits you. Monastic, Bimodal, Rhythmic or Journalistic.
2. Plan your time: Protect the time of day you are most productive and focused.
3. Decide what you want to achieve: set a challenging deadline to get there. And commit.
4. Establish rituals: create structured habits such as location or length of time to sustain your deep thinking
5. Become unavailable: close Skype, slack, Trello etc. 0 distractions.
6. Know when you’ll stop, and actually stop: deep work only works if you have clearly defined parameters
7. Assess how you did: Without reviewing your performance, you can’t improve.
8. Enrich your downtime: switch off, and go hit the slopes like @swiss.escape