💥 4 Ways to Amplify Your Customer Experience on Instagram

Over 2 million businesses connect with people on IG. And now, with IG shopping people can buy products directly from your photos/videos.

Here’s a cute infographic showing 4 ways you can amplify your customer experience on Instagram.

In a nutshell:

– Use hashtags effectively (12.6% more engagement)
– Use stories (75% of IG users visit the brand’s site or make a purchase after looking at IG ads)
– Visually plan your IG feed
– Use InstagramLive to connect with your audience

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[SPONSORED] Guide to Mastering your FB Apps Campaigns with NetoPartners

It is no secret that promoting gambling through Facebook Apps has become one of the most successful channels. NetoPartners has got you covered with some tricks & tips to boost your conversion in a smart and successful way. Here’s the inside scoop on how to master FB App campaigns:

1.Target the right audience:

  • Focus on Tier 2&3 countries -> They will cost less & have better ROI.
  • Big population -> easier to scale!
  • IOS converts better & generates higher value even with higher costs.
  • Target general audiences -> Men and women 25-65
  • Use FB language targeting for better results

2. BE Creative:
Unique content means use ONLY unique content (otherwise you will most probably get banned)

  • Use videos! They perform so much better.
  • Showcase different Ads for Each placement – Don’t get lazy!
  • Choose real people & not models (users will feel more connected)
  • Make your users feel like winners: Show a big win while playing the games and focus on the player’s emotions.
  • Use less gambling terms like deposit, free, bonus, and instead, go with strong CTAs like: Try your luck, install now! Register and play
  • Optimize your creativity to your audience (gender, age, geolocation, language)

3. Getting started:

  • Test your app & send it to through a QA cycle by the advertiser.
  • Work with more than one traffic source if possible.
  • When creating your campaigns include different ad sets divided by age group, gender, and location.
  • A/B test everything you do and optimize accordingly
  • Create push notifications for better conversion & value

NetoPartners is one of the top affiliate programs in the online gambling sphere! They exclusively represent a collection of 7 partner brands focusing on slot, scratch card and casino games. They operate in more than 25 GEOs, offer customized commission plans & fast and Secure Payment!

They assist their affiliate partners with the tools and materials to increase revenue via all channels, including Facebook.

NetoPartners has over a decade of experience in the online gambling industry, so to take advantage of their expertise join their program now!

iOS 14.5’s Privacy Changes + More Good Stuff from Techcrunch

Apple released its latest iOS version today – including the App Tracking Transparency feature.

Other features include Watch unlocking your phone, new emojis plus more.

In other news, this Tech Crunch newsletter piece covers a ton of interesting news from relevant industries, here are a few that caught our eye:

Brex raises $425M at a $7.4B valuation.

MasterClass copycats are raising a ton of funding.

Apple announced a plan to invest over $430 billion over the next five years – commits to 20,000 US jobs.

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 – “A successful dystopia is one that convinces its citizens that is, in fact, a utopia” / u/MastTribute
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FEATURED STM THREAD: Twinaxe’s Dating Experiment Becomes Profitable 🙂

Do you remember the thread we mentioned in this place last week? To put it short… One of our mods (twinaxe) wanted to test whether the rumors about PUSH traffic resulting in poor dating leads were true or not.

Long story short, out of 214 SOI leads that he had to spend $110 to get, just 1 converted into a paying customer… pretty poor results by any standards, BUT this single customer started to buy credits like there was no tomorrow.

And just a few days ago, this single guy turned the campaign profitable 🙂 None of us expected this to happen but it is the truth. Day after day, this happy customer kept on buying more and more credits to chat with the hot ladies inside of the dating site he signed up for.

Since this is a revshare offer, twinaxe keeps on getting his share for every credit purchase. So far the total is around $125 and we’re pretty sure there are more commissions to come. If this isn’t the perfect example of how powerful revshare offers can be, we don’t know what would be 🙂

Check the thread for more details, link below:

>> Preview the thread here <<

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