12 TikTok Brand Examples to Inspire Your 2021 Strategy

2 billion downloads. On average, users open the app 8 times a day. The top 50 TikTok influencers have more followers than 16% of the world’s population.

And for many brands, paid TikTok ads are highly effective and definitely worth the investment.

Not to mention our very own STM forum’s latest TikTok craze and insane success stories.

Here’s a super quick summary of the 12 best brands on TikTok right now. Swipe, learn, but most importantly – apply to your campaigns and accounts.

Mind you these are quick 1-2 sentence summaries, go check the full piece for tons more detail.

1. Flighthouse is a Content Powerhouse

Flighthouse is the most followed brand account on TikTok with nearly 30 million followers and has produced 4,300 TikToks so far. It’s a large media company specializing in producing viral social media content, particularly on TikTok.

2. Netflix Wins With User-Generated Content

Netflix, the second most followed brand on TikTok behind Pilothouse. Focusing on UGC, they’re the leading advertiser on TikTok, producing one large-scale campaign per month.

3. Dunkin’ Warms Up to Gen Z With Charli D’amelio

One of the best TikTok food brands is undoubtedly Dunkin’. 3 million followers and 21 million likes all thanks to hilarious UGC and endorsing the #1 most followed TikTok star.

4. E.L.F Cosmetics Sets Trends With TikTok Live

The frontrunner in the beauty category on TikTok, e.l.f., was one of the first beauty brands on form a TikTok strategy. They thrive on out-of-the-box, pop-culture themed innovations. They created an NFT collection promoting cryptocurrency, and a gaming-themed collection to launch their Twitch channel, among others.

5. P&G Has The Highest Viewed Sponsored TikTok…Without a TikTok

Procter and Gamble and no TikTok account? What were they thinking?! Instead they sponsor others, such as Charli D’Amelio’s #DistanceDance challenge to encourage people to stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

6. Amazon Tracks Sales Through TikTok Ambassadors

Amazon knows a thing or two about marketing, given they have 5 official TikTok accounts: @amazonprimevideo@amazonfashion@amazonmusic@primestudent, and @amazon.

With Amazon Prime Video having 6.7M followers. Amazon has the means to launch massive, traditional ad campaigns, and they have. Responsible for the third most Branded Hashtag Challenges on TikTok, just behind Neflix and Kraft Foods.

7. Red Bull Bolsters Brand Awareness With Suspenseful Footage

Brands that provide entertainment value do well on TikTok. Red Bull has posted more than 2,660 videos so far. Death-defying, jaw-dropiing stunts and humour bring them 1.2 million likes each month.

8. Gymshark Sets The Bar for Fitness on TikTok as an Early Adopter

Gymshark joined TikTok right out the gate with their first post published in April 2018. No revolutionary content but they make up for it with consistency.


Blue Diamond Almonds new to TikTok but they know what they’re doing. Their #28XTREMES challenge has received over 11.6B views and one of their sponsored videos with food creator @colincreates received 10.1M views and 322K likes becoming the most viewed video ever.

10. Marc Jacobs Perfects TikTok Duets

Marc Jacobs have mastered the art of TikTok duets by advertising on TikTok and launching Branded Hashtag Challenges by utilizing the duet feature. Their PerfectAsIAm campaign in summer 2020 ended with 10.4B views and included duets with Ricket Thompson and 3 other influencers.

11. Dick’s Sporting Goods Makes a Gametime Decision With TikTok Ad Features

With 42.1k followers, DICK’s Sporting Goods doesn’t have the largest TikTok presence but their offers to experiment with TikTok’s latest ad features have paid off.

Their first branded Hashtag Challenge, #NewFitFeelin six influencers inspired 1,136 pieces of UGC without using any Branded Effects whatsoever.

12. Chipotle Doubles Up On Influencer Marketing With Exclusive Content

Chipotle’s profile starts out on the right foot with a winning bio: “Less Tok, More Guac.” From there, it only gets better.

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