FB Tests New Horizontal Scrolling Display In Ads

Facebook’s testing a new way to provide more context on paid promos via horizontal scrolling display of extra info below the ad image (click link to see the video).

Users see additional advertiser info – business location, user check-ins and Page followers below the creative.

Facebook’s been experimenting with additional ad context elements since 2016.

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[SPONSORED] How to Monetize the Dating Vertical

The Dating Vertical is an “evergreen” vertical that’s always hot, and always in-season.

Below are some tips on how you can monetize this lucrative vertical.

Tip #1: Understand Your Audience

  1. Pick an audience. There are many subniches in dating. Pick an audience to target. Examples: Straight vs. gay, age range, common desires/fetishes, etc.
  2. Target them in your campaign. Figure out how to target the audience you picked. Are there publishers/placements where your audience hangs out that you can target? Does the ad platform provide categories in targeting options?
  3. Design your creatives to appeal to them. Research to identify what your target audience is looking for on dating sites. This will help you to craft your message and angle when designing creatives.

Tip #2: Be Creative

  • Be creative when designing creatives. Innovate – don’t just rip from spy tools.

Tip #3: Work On Your Traffic Volume
Once you’ve found some good creatives, scale your traffic!

Some tips:

  • Constantly look for more places where you can advertise.
  • If targeting a niche audience, try to target related audiences and/or more general audiences by calling out the niche audience in your creatives.
  • Increase your bid.

Tip #4: Find the Best Dating Offers

  • The offer can make or break your campaign. So make sure to test lots of offers to find the diamonds in the rough.

VIP Response launched Flingr in May as an in-house chat oriented dating concept in TIER 1 English speaking geos and has quickly become the top performing dating brand within the company. Be sure to give this awesome offer a test!

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Inside The Mind Of Matuloo (Veteran STM Mod).

The STM moderator crew is arguably one of the biggest assets of the forum itself! All of our mods are skilled affiliate marketing veterans with a ton of experience under their belts. And the best part… all of them are more than willing to share their experience with you, our below members.

But who are these people? What do they do in their free time, where do they live, what are they like, what do they dream about… Meeting our mods face to face is one of the reasons for many affiliates to attend Affiliate World conferences. STM always has a booth there and it is always a busy place.

But what now, when Covid has put all the “offline” conferences on hold? Well, the second best bet is to read an interview 🙂 Truth to be told, our mod crew doesn’t like to give interviews very often, but there are exceptions and this time it was Matuloo who agreed to it. What made him change his mind? Let’s quote what he had to say about this:

… the questions in the interviews are almost always the same, more or less… what works in AM now, what will work for the future, what advice would you give to someone just starting out etc… It feels like repeating the same shit over and over. So why did I agree to this one? The questions they asked me were VERY different from the “regular” ones so I could actually talk more about life than business.

Have a few spare minutes? Give this a read, link is below:

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