? United Arab Emirates

Want to get upgraded to first class with Emirates for free? Here’s 5 top tips from travel experts:

•Just ask…Nicely- “If you are upgrading passengers on this flight, I would like to be considered please.”
•Dress well – don’t have to overdo it, but ‘smart casual’ code is the way to go ie a cashmere shawl or blazer.
•Milk being inconvenienced – If you’ve been moved off an oversold flight or there’s delays then request an upgrade.
•Travel at quiet times – flying on bank holidays when business users are less likely to be filling the first class seats.
•Arrive early – Airlines will know several hours ahead if they need to upgrade some passengers for operational reasons. Early bird catches the worm.
?BONUS TIP: be a boss #MRKTR and have a massive IG following like @chrisrogers. Upgrades can come at the expense of a shoutout.