Google Ads Editor 2.5: New 16 Features for Enhanced Campaign Efficiency

Image: Incepty

Google has released version 2.5 of its Ads Editor, which includes 16 new features and upgrades for marketers to use to increase the efficiency of their campaigns.

This latest Ad Editor version enables more automatic ad creation, brand safety guardrails, and sophisticated campaign management to assist marketers in optimizing for performance. Asset tracking, improved discovery campaigns, and seamless interaction with Performance Max give advertisers more control than ever before over Google’s auto-bidding AI.

The following are the new features:

1) App URL for app install advertisements

Similar to App Engagement Ads, you can now provide app deep links for App Install Ads using the App URL field.

2) Ad Strength of responsive search advertisements automatically developed assets

Ad Strength results for responsive search advertisements will take automatically developed assets into account to ensure accuracy.

3) Asset report asset source

The “Asset source” field is now available in asset reports at the channel, asset group, and ad levels. This column allows you to distinguish between automatically generated assets and ones given by advertisers.

4) Extra fields in Discovery product advertisements

The following new fields are now available in Discovery product ads:

  • Videos
  • Long headline
  • Path 1
  • Path 2

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