10 Latest Google Ads Updates

No way you say, how do I keep up with Google Ads’ constant updates?

This is how, with a tl;dr.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. New conversion goals – Nov 1

Tl;dr Conversion goals group conversion actions together to enable bidding optimization at the

2. New features for deal badges in Shopping – Oct 28

Tl;dr Product listings with a deal badge can appear in a Deals feed + improved reporting for these listings.

3. New Google Ads budget report – Sep 30

Tl;dr More insight into how Google spends your budget each day and month.

4. The mobile SERP now uses infinite scroll – Oct 14

Tl;dr Infinite scroll on mobile does NOT impact Ad Rank, DOES change text ad distribution and could impact your metrics.

5. New offline conversions import (OCI) helper tool – Sep 28

Tl;dr A self-service tool helps you view and analyze offline conversion data.

6. Enhanced conversions now available to all – Sep 30

Tl;dr Available to all advertisers for accurate and privacy-first conversion tracking.

7. FLoC testing pushed out to Q1 2022 – Oct 1

Tl;dr Third-party cookie removal could be delayed again.

8. Upgraded ad extensions – Oct 26

Tl;dr Old features taken away, new ones added.

9. Performance Max campaigns now widely available – Nov 2

Tl;dr Performance Max (automated) campaigns now available to all with Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to upgrade to PM in 2022.

10. Engaged-view conversions now available for video Display ads – Sep 27

Tl;dr …^Title

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Instagram Launches ‘Add Yours’ Sticker

Instagram launched the new ‘Add Yours’ sticker for Stories enabling users to prompt others to respond to their Stories content in the hopes of creating more engaging reply threads to Stories posts.

Here’s an example sticker using the ‘outfit of the day’ prompt:

When users respond they’re added to the profile bubble listing on the sticker, which, when tapped, enables users to go through all thread responses.

Sounds a lot like TikTok’s Duet feature which lets many users add to a Duet chain, creating long interactive streams of content based on the original theme.

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FEATURED STM THREAD: Manual Spying On Native – Yay Or Nay?

One of our members started an interesting thread on STM Forum this week. Let’s quote a part of the opening post here:

I’m faced with the thought that my spy tool, Anstrex, may not be doing a great job at picking up search arb ads, or at all. But when manually spying, how do we know which ads are popping up just because it’s their first day of running on high bid, or different advertisers testing the same non-working offer on different days, or if it’s really a working proven offer (that is also not picked up on Spy tools)?

Interesting topic to say the least, isn’t it? We all know spytools are not PERFECT, they pick up cloaked landers here and there, sometimes they fail to crawl some ad placements and widgets…but still, the best spytools have so much data and that makes them pretty much essential tools in the arsenal of any serious affiliate marketer.

But what about manual spying? Especially on Native sources… Does it make any sense to even attempt to spy on your competitors manually? Well, that’s a hard question and there is no simple answer to this question. Check the thread to see what the STM members think, there is some solid advice posted already. Especially the reply from jack_l, who happens to be a true native expert, is worth a read. Link below.

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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