TikTok’s New “Digital Magazine” is Good

It’s called ‘The Roundup’ and as per TikTok:

“Each issue of The Roundup will cover a new topic as we show you exactly how brands are leveraging TikTok to drive real business results.”

It’s essentially a showcase of TikTok’s most successful campaigns in the app.

The first 8-page-issue (direct link to TikTok) is a study of successful creator-led campaigns and it’s a push towards their Creator Marketplace platform.

As explained by TikTok:

“Brands that partner with creators build instant credibility with our community, allowing them to show up in new ways that feel totally fun, natural and real. The result isn’t just powerful performance, but a newfound trust and affinity by our passionate community that wants to actively lift brands to the forefront of culture.”

[SPONSORED] How to 120x Your Conversion Rate

You read that right. 120x – not a typo.

It can be accomplished by using the following 2 new feature at PropellerAds:


1. Demographic & Interest Targeting for Push!

Finally – you can target your Push ads by user age, gender and interests!

PropellerAds is the first on the market to offer this feature, and we’ve made this available for ALL our advertisers (yep, even newbies have access now!)

It gives instant access to relevant audiences. From the very first impression. No ad optimization or testing period needed.

5-6 times higher CTR, lower CPA, skyrocketing CR – have been reported by many of our partners.

PropellerAds’ internal tests showed up to 300% conversion growth for specific traffic segments…

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2. Direct Click

This is a new traffic type – you can find it under the “Onclick” tab.

It works like a whitelist PropellerAds has collected for you. Imagine skipping the optimization stage and going straight to the high-converting ad zones!

And yes, “direct” stands for direct visit to your offer. No creatives needed!

Some of our tests show a whopping 120x growth in conversion rate, with direct traffic compared to classic Onclick ads.

The best part? Direct Click has just been opened for ALL advertiser accounts!

Try it before the auction gets really hot and let’s smash this festive season!

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Facebook Adds Shops in Groups

Facebook’s expanding its eCommerce push with the addition of a range of shopping and product discovery options in groups.

The biggest addition is Shops in Groups – in other words, you can add a Shop within your Facebook Group display.

You’ll see a new ‘Shop’ tab in your navigation and items featured in a separate panel within the group feed when a shop is available.

Facebook hasn’t yet declared any specific revenue cuts to the merchants. Whom will be able to advertise group branded items.

Product recommendations are being added to tap into community expertise and help group members find relevant items.

Plus there’s going to be a Top Product Mentions alert in main user News Feeds displayed to people who are members of related groups.

>> Check Out The Rest Here <<

IG Reels Now Have Text-to-Speech & Voice Effects, Like TikTok

Yeah, you heard that right:

Instagram’s Reels now have text-to-speech and voice effects just like TikTok.


“To use text-to-speech in Reels, open the Instagram app and go to the Reels camera, record or upload a video, and add text to the video using its text tool. Tap the text bubble to get to the three-dot menu, and select “text-to-speech,” then choose which voice option you want. Then post the Reel as usual.

If you want to add voice effects to your Reel, which lets you modify audio including a voice-over, after recording a Reel, tap the music note to open the audio mixer, tap “effects” and choose the voice effect you want. Options include “helium,” “giant,” and “robot.””

>> See The News Here on The Verge <<

FEATURED STM THREAD: How About Some Not-So-Known Traffic Sources, Interested?

We’ve got a question for you, ok? How many traffic sources are you working with? 3, 5, 10…more maybe? And how many new ones have you tested already? The truth is, most affiliates somehow stick with the most popular traffic sources only and they are afraid to test new ones.

On one hand, it makes a lot of sense. These “several” sources have the most volume, everyone is talking about them and doing solid numbers with… so why bother with the less known ones?

The answer is simple: Less known sources equal to lower competition levels. Afraid to run into a source with low quality or some scammy place? We hear you, it’s a valid concern. So what’s the solution?

We got you covered! One of our mods “twinaxe” just started to work on a new series of threads with one goal only: to test as many new traffic sources as possible. You don’t have to waste your own money, he will do it for you. And the best part, twinaxe will share the result on STM.

And the first thread from the series is live already! The name of the network is Targeleon… never heard of it? Neither did we 🙂 Wondering what the results were like? Check the thread, link is below:

Stay tuned for the next edition of MRKTRS WKLY.

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