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Jack Ma – “This is my advice to young people…”

Video Transcript

So, 25 years old, don’t worry.

Any mistake is a wonderful revenue for you.

So I tell myself and tell my young people before 20 years old, be a good student.

When you do entrepreneurship, just learn some experience.

Before 30 years old, follow somebody.

Go to a small company.

Normally, in a big company it is good to learn processes.

You are a part of a big machine.

But when you go to a small company you learn the passion, you learn the dreams.

You learn to do a lot of things at one time.

So before 30, it’s not which company you go, it’s which boss you follow.

It’s very important.

A good boss teaches you differently.

And from 30 to 40 years old, you have to think very clear you work for yourself if you really want to be an entrepreneur.

When you’re 40 to 50 years old, you have to do all the things that you are good at.

Don’t try to drop into a new area. It’s too late.

You may be successful but the rate of dying is too big.

So 40 to 50, think about how you can focus on things that you are good at.

But when you are 50 to 60 years old, work for the young people.

Because young people can do better than you.

So rely on them, invest in them, making sure they’re good.

So, when you are over 60 years old, spend some time for yourself.

On the beach, sunshine, it’s too late for you to change.

This is my advise to the young people, 25 years old: make enough mistakes.

Don’t worry.

You fall, you stand up.

Enjoy it.

I mean, 25 years old? Enjoy the show.